Sniper Elite 4

This may end up being one of the most underrated games of the year. It is a very well made game that is a lot of fun to play. Essentially what happens is, you’re placed onto a map and you objectives. So you have to kill certain people, maybe pick up certain files or maybe their is a person of interest that you have to … Continue reading Sniper Elite 4

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

It’s hard for me to stay biased when it comes to Uncharted because it’s my favorite franchise. Anytime an Uncharted game is released, I am going to play it. This game is absolutely no different, it’s a fantastic tight action-packed ride. This game originally was meant to be DLC for Uncharted 4 but as Naughty Dog was having so much fun with the DLC that … Continue reading Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I have a confession to make, this was my first Mass Effect game so my opinion on the game may not be as polarizing as some. So for me, I don’t have the massive disappointment that Mass Effect 2 (regarded as one of the greatest games of all time) turned into this. For me personally, I am coming into this game fresh and so I … Continue reading Mass Effect: Andromeda