Kumite In Tennessee 2017 Preview

Kumite in Tennessee or KIT is a yearly fighting game tournament that is traditionally known as the first major tournament of the new year. Its an opportunity for players in the FGC (fighting game community) to start the year off right. I’m sure most players in the FGC, their new years resolutions are go to more tournaments and place better at tournaments. Much like the … Continue reading Kumite In Tennessee 2017 Preview

North East Championships 17

NEC is a yearly fighting game tournament held that is run by Tournament Organizer Big E (Eric Small). Unfortunately for street fighter a lot of the big names are not coming to the event since its the end of the season and they likely want to rest. I’m sorry but I can’t talk about all of the games, I don’t follow 3-D fighters, Anime Fighters … Continue reading North East Championships 17

Capcom Cup 2016 Prediction

To simplify what the Capcom Cup is, its essentially the playoffs for Street Fighter (in prior years the event did include other Capcom titles). There is a Street Fighter season that includes 49 tournaments all across the world and players compete in these tournaments for points so that way the player could qualify for the event. This is the fourth year for the tournament and … Continue reading Capcom Cup 2016 Prediction