About Me


My Dog, Oliver and I

I guess, I’ll just start with an introduction. My name is Matt and I just want to welcome you to my blog. I work an Insurance Agency during the day and my “passion” is video games and I created this blog as an outlet for me to talk about the games that I play.

Growing up, I owned a SNES but didn’t own a lot of games and pretty much only played the Donkey Kong Country series and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Then I got an N64 but once again, I didn’t play a lot of games and primarily played Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart and a Wayne Gretzky Hockey Game. Then a little later, I got into PlayStation and have owned every PlayStation that has been released. With the PlayStation, I pretty much only ever played hockey games. I’m also a little ashamed to admit that as a child, I never completed any of those games. I would always stop in the middle and just restart.

I didn’t play a lot of games and I never finished any of them. I want that to change and I play as many games as I can but also play to completion on as many games as I can. Then i discovered the 52 games challenge and what that is, is beating 52 games in 52 weeks. So that means I have to play a game all the way through to the end of the story or in specific situations play at least 15 hours. The specific situations are more geared towards fighting games, online shooters, sports games and basically any game that you can’t technically “beat.” I picked 15 hours because action-adventure games are usually around 15 hours. Yes there are RPG’s that are 100+ hours but if I went by that I wouldn’t want to play any of those kinds of games. If you’re curious about my progress, you can check it out right, here.

I am Gamefly subscriber so thats where I get probably 90% of the games that I play. So if you visit my page of “Upcoming Games” that are either being sent to me, I have in my possession that I haven’t started, games that I am currently playing or games that I games that I am just going to purchase when they first come out.

So welcome to my blog, thank you for visiting and if you ever have suggestions of games that I should play/try. Please recommend and let me know.


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