It’s been an awful week in the U.S. as the murder of George Floyd by a police officer has sparked protests and incited even more police violence. The system is broken, and has been forever. Now is the time for change, and if you have a problem with the views Matt and I express during the first 7-10 minutes of this podcast we won’t miss having you around.

The news is lighter than it was going to be originally this week as most gaming companies made the right decision to take a step back and let the world have a discourse about its issues.

Matt and I played one game each, which we briefly chat about before moving into the final 6 publishers we’re going to discuss. The top 10 publishers of the generation list is completed in this episode.

Next time though, we’re doing a top 10 games of the generation podcast. Hopefully that goes well.

News – 00:35 to 19:11
What We Played – 19:12 to 30:09
6 Publishers – 30:10 to 2:29:13

Specific Game Timestamps
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition – 19:13 to 25:48
Minecraft Dungeons – 25:49 to 30:09

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