Lately, I have been on a bit of a Superhero Movie kick, I went through and watched the entirety of the DC EU (DC Extended Universe) and then went through and watched the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). It was during the MCU where I started to rank the movies in a spreadsheet. I eventually realized I should expand the list, include the 8 DC EU on the list. I went through and did that, figured I would take it one step further and watch every DC and Marvel Superhero movie from the year 2000 on. 

At this point, I have 30+ movies I have watched and figured I might as well put this list on this website. It’s my website and I can do what I want. I have been averaging 3-4 movies per week and figure I might just update the list once per week. So for now, this is my list of Superhero movies ranking from first to last. 

1) Captain America: Civil War

This movie is perfect, I love almost every aspect of this movie. Sure you have to have the context of every prior MCU movie but who cares? This is my list and I watched all the movies. You need to have the context of Tony Stark (Iron Man) of all the previous movies he’s been in and his motivations of why he’s signing the accords. You have the story arc of Captain America being the yes, man soldier saying no in this scenario.

Let’s not forget the villain Zemo, he wins by outsmarting the Avengers and pinning them against each other. The introduction of Spider-Man is great and that the entire airport fight scene is my favorite fight in the MCU. 

The only part that didn’t quite click for me was Black Panther, I just don’t think he’s that interesting of a character. The other is Black Widow, I don’t understand why she was on Tony Stark’s side other than the fact that the movie needed to have an even 6 on both sides. 

2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Why is this so high? The elevator fight scene. This where we first meet Sam and get the “On your left” line. The whole storyline of Hydra infiltrating Shield and then having to dismantle Shield which up until that point, was the prominent Government entity in the MCU. 

What I also love about this movie is, this is the first time we start seeing some character development from Steve Rogers. This is the movie that made me a Captain America fanboy.

3) Guardians of the Galaxy

I went back and forth, trying to figure out if Winter Soldier or the first Guardians should be number 2. They’re such different movies but this is really the first time the MCU was more than just an action movie with a few quips. This movie is legitimately hilarious and its such a fun ride watching these 5 idiots come together and start working together. 

4) Spider-Man Homecoming

There was once a time in my life when I thought Andrew Garfield was the best Spider-Man and I was disappointed that they cast someone new for the MCU. Civil War gave me sprinklings that Tom Holland is a better choice than Andrew Garfield but Homecoming confirms it. This movie is perfect and we didn’t have to sit through another death scene of Uncle Ben. Thank you, Marvel, and thank you, Disney. 

What’s awesome about this movie is, they even found a way to make Vulture a cool villain and imposing villain. Plus the twist at the end, finding out who the Vulture is. Two, thumbs up!

5) Avengers: Infinity War

Some people might find it offensive and wrong that Infinity War isn’t in the top 2 but in my opinion the movie has a little too much going on. It’s amazing and incredible what it was able to accomplish but none of the characters really get a chance to breathe in this movie. It’s just go, go, go. It’s a funny movie, definitely the funniest of the Avengers movies and that’s definitely a major rating factor for why it’s the highest-rated Avengers movie but there is something about the ending that doesn’t quite click for me. I think it’s just simply, it feels like half of a story which of course Infinity War and Endgame are connected but Infinity War does feel like it’s missing the 2nd half. 

6) The Avengers

As much as I try to remove nostalgia as much as I can, I have a hard time removing it for this movie. Partly because I do think it’s a great movie that holds up today. Obviously, the CGI has gotten so much better and the characters have all evolved since this movie but there is something so special about this movie. This is the movie that propelled the MCU to the next level and it really started to hit the mainstream. 

7) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

One of the funniest Superhero movies out there. This is less of an action movie and more of a comedy. What I love about this movie is, it sets the tone in the very first scene. There is this epic CGI battle happening and what do we get, Groot, dancing to music with the fight scene occurring in the background. Eventually, the music stops and then we get Drax jumping into monsters belly. Just a brilliant scene that perfectly makes the statement of, this is what you’re in for. 

This would be higher on my list if it wasn’t for the ending. I just don’t love the final “boss.” Fighting a planet just wasn’t an exciting fight sequence but I love the humor even in this scene. With Groot getting which button to push mixed up and then Peter flying around asking for tape. Just thinking about this scene is putting a massive smile on my face. 

8) Avengers: Endgame

What a great way to cap off 21 movies. The first time I watched this movie, I thought the first 2/3rds of the movie were slow. Upon further rewatches, I like the slower moments of the movie and prefer the first 2/3rds of the movie over the final 3rd. The final 3rd is primarily the final battle which has too much going on. It’s all fan service and there are amazing moments, like Captain America wielding the Mjolnir (which still gives me chills) but most kind of fell flat for me. 

I’m starting to get negative with this and that’s stupid because this movie is great. It ends up being a great ending to the Captain America/Iron Man era of the MCU. I’m excited about the future but it is bittersweet. 

9) Spider-Man: Far From Home

There is something about this movie that just clicked with me and I think a lot has to do with Mysterio and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance. I’m not a comic book guy but I do enjoy Superhero movies so I have limited knowledge of Superheroes and Supervillains. Going into the movie I knew Mysterio was bad but the first half of the movie had me confused because I thought he was bad but maybe I was wrong? No, he’s bad, just a master manipulator and he got me so I appreciated that. 

10) Wonder Woman

It’s a shame that this movie is so on the list, it’s so close to being a near-perfect superhero movie. But I can’t ignore the third act, the final big fight. It falls flat in almost every way. I like the ending where Steve Trevor sacrifices himself, that adds levity to the movie but also to the DC EU. Clearly, the loss of Steve Trevor greatly impacted the character of Wonder Woman. 

I just wish the fight between Ares and Diana was better. I love the story of the movie, Diana being a fish out of water which creates the right amount of humor. The action sequence of Diana entering No-Mans land and then going freeing that village. That’s one of the best action sequences in all of Superhero Movies. 

11) Thor: Ragnorok

Thor finally got a good movie, it took them 3 tries but they finally did it. I know people who think this is the best Marvel movie and although I can see why they think that way, for me the movie doesn’t good until Thor finds his way to Sakaar. After that, the movie goes off the rails but I just can’t help the fact the first 30 minutes felt a little bland. 

Jeff Goldblum is amazing in this movie though, his post-credit scene where he congratulates the revolutionaries and calls it a draw. Great stuff. 

12) The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I remember liking the first Amazing Spider-Man and then rewatching it here, I was disappointed. I think what I remembered liking is The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I enjoyed this movie and I think a big part of it is, Andrew Garfield had more time to grow into the character. The movie is not without its faults but the bulk of the movie is Spider-Man vs Electro and that story arc is alright. I didn’t love Jamie Fox in the movie but I did enjoy everything involving Spider-Man and Peter Parker. It’s an interesting movie with fun action. 

13) Iron Man 2

I have Iron Man 1 and 2 right next to each other and they’re both pretty high on this list because I like both of them. This is one I had to really think about, whether 1 or 2 should be on top. I chose 2 because I love Sam Rockwell in this movie, everyone focuses on Mickey Rourke but Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer is so good. For me personally, I liked Justin Hammer more than Obadiah Stane. Now Iron Man 3, that’s low on the list. 

14) Batman Begins

I forgot this was a good movie. I always remember it as the weakest of the three but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It was a lot better than I was expecting and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the movie. My one minor complaint is less the movie and Batman super fans that hated Batman V Superman and complained about Batman killing people. He straight up kills multiple people in this movie. 

The movie itself is great though, entertaining choreography, a good script, and good villains. There are 3 but the movie does a good job balancing all 3 and having them all work together well. One of the best Origin I have watched in this whole ordeal. 

15) Iron Man

The movie where it all began, I’ve grown to really appreciate this movie over the last couple of years. The last 3 years, I have a yearly MCU rewatch month and it’s crazy how much this movie changed everything. This movie is fun and sets a tone for the next 20+ movies in the MCU, my one big knock on this movie is the third act. It’s bad, missing and it also starts the unfortunate trend in Marvel movies where the heroes have to fight a clone of themselves. 

16) Ant-Man

You know who is great in every movie he’s in, Paul Rudd. You know who is even better in this movie? Michael Pena. What a fun, small story, that doesn’t have a wide-sweeping impact on the MCU as a whole. Sure you do get the moment where Ant-Man fights Falcon but that was it. The one knock I have on this movie is the ending and the final fight is just Ant-Man fighting an evil clone. Although I do love the scene with the train. 

It’s a good movie. 

17) X2

Wait, this is actually a good X-Men movie? I entertained by multiple aspects of this movie. The story with Striker (the villain of the movie) is so well done. His motivations are believable and how he’s spinning all these plates and getting it all done. Obviously, in the end, he’s stopped by the X-Men but I don’t think that lessons the movie. I won’t be surprised if, by the end of me watching all of these movies, Striker is considered the best X-Men villain. When done well, there is something special about a “normal” person going up against a Superhero. 

Jean Gray and Psyclops continue to be weak aspects of this otherwise good movie. 

18) Shazam!

There is something about this movie that is just fun. You have the very sad story of Billy Batson trying to find his mother and bouncing around from foster parent to foster parent. When Billy gets his powers and becomes Shazam, that’s when this movie takes off and becomes fun. Billy and Freddy discovering what his powers are was a fun bit throughout the movie. I love the “Hands, lightning with my hands” scene and then him wanting to put the bus down but the dog was in the way. This was just a genuinely funny movie. Especially for a DC movie and the DC EU.

The ending kind of falls flat for me, I would have liked to have seen this movie be all about Billy and then the sequel be about the family getting the powers too. Sometimes with movies, less is more.  

19) Doctor Strange

I did not know what to expect going into this movie when it originally released. I knew this was going to be the moment, Marvel movies started getting weird. He’s less of a “superhero” with “superhero powers” and more of a magician/sorcerer. This movie did not disappoint, it’s a good Origin movie with a great final “fight.” I love that this movie was clever and it wasn’t just the protagonist punching harder, he had to outsmart Dormamu. I guess I just wish the movie was funnier and more fun in general but a solid movie. 

20) Ant-Man & The Wasp

This movie is alright but it is very much middle of the road MCU movie. The movie suffers from having a little too much going on. This story would have been better if it was just Lawrence Fishburne and Ghost working together to find a cure for her. But instead, you had Scott and the FBI Agent, Sonny Burch trying to steal the technology from the Pyms, you had Scott Lang and Hope relationship woes. Also, Hope and Hank trying to get Hopes, mother, back from the quantum realm. 

Also, I did not like Scott Lang’s ex-wife and her husband in this film. They went from one extreme to the next in this movie. 

21) Aquaman

DC movies have issues with final acts and final battles. Aquaman is no different. Aquaman is a fun movie with some fun action and decent humor up until the end where the movie just kind of falls flat for me. We didn’t need an epic final sea battle but that’s what we got. 

But all that aside, I do think this is an enjoyable film. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was a great pick and the on-screen chemistry of him and Amber Heard is undeniable. 

22) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I wish I was Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and loved this movie but I just don’t. It’s a movie where they tried to take 3 movies and compact it into one. It just doesn’t work, if DC had taken its time and introduced Batman in his own film. Then took Batman and pinned him up against Superman for a movie and then have a movie where they have to come together to fight Doomsday. That would have been an amazing way to kick start this franchise but instead, DC had to do too much to quickly and messed up the DC EU before it even got a chance to start.

Also, your big reason why Batman and Superman would stop fighting is Martha? 

23) Man of Steel

When I first watched this movie, I didn’t quite understand the hatred of this movie. It’s not great but people made it seem like its offensively terrible and I just don’t see it. I like the villain Zod in this movie, he has very simple and clear motives. The action and fight scenes are well choreographed. The story is okay, maybe a little too dark for a Superman movie but DC was just coming off the Dark Knight trilogy so I get it. 

24) Avengers: Age of Ultron

There is no way around it, this is the worst Avengers movie. I wish it were better but it’s just not a fun movie for whatever reason. You have Tony Stark coming off of Iron Man 3 and overreacting which ends up leading to the creation of Ultron. James Spader is great as Ultron. You have the introduction of the twins so this is where we meet Wanda Romanoff aka Scarlet Witch. Also, the birth of Vision and this is hands down Hawkeye’s best movie. But something is missing with this movie and it just doesn’t have that secret Avengers sauce that the other Avenger movies have. 

25) Captain America: The First Avenger

As I mentioned in the Winter Soldier description, I have become a Captain America fanboy throughout this but even with that being said, it’s only an okay movie. I don’t think we get enough Steve Rogers and Bucky moments and the ending just doesn’t work for me. In Winter Soldier, Cap jumps out of a plane without a parachute but in this movie, he had to crash the plane? It all just felt convenient. 

26) Black Panther

This movie would be higher on my list but I just don’t find T’Challa (Black Panther) an interesting character. I think he’s boring, he’s a less interesting Steve Rogers before Steve got any character progression. With all that being said, Michael B. Jordan’s performance of Killmonger is amazing. Top 3 Superhero villain performance. But the issue is, you barely get any Killmonger in the first half of the movie. By the end of the movie, I was rooting for Killimonger because I would have preferred more Michael B. Jordan over Chadwick Boseman (the actor who played Black Panther). 


27) The Amazing Spider-Man

This movie is worse than I remember. I remember back in 2012 enjoying this movie and thinking how this is considerably better Spider-Man than the Toby Maguire Spider-Man but now I don’t know. Naturally, I will have to watch the Toby Maguire movies here at some point but this movie just seemed to uninspired and all over the place narratively. It’s fine and has a great Stan Lee cameo but other than that, eh. 

28) Captain Marvel

I wish I liked this movie more, it’s the first MCU movie with a female lead. That should be a big deal but Captain Marvel is just not an interesting character. She felt like the Super-Man of Marvel where she’s too powerful and it makes her boring. So far we’ve only gotten her in 2 movies so my hope is, in future sequels of Captain Marvel we will get more character development and make here a more fun character to watch on screen. 

29) X-Men 3: The Last Stand

People hate this movie and I kind of get it, it’s not good but I don’t think its as bad as people make it out to be. The story is kind of bland and I don’t find Dark Phoenix an interesting storyline but the action sequences are okay. I was entertained enough by this movie (for whatever that is worth). It might be controversial to say I like this movie more than the first one but my god is the first one rough to watch. 

30) Daredevil

My knowledge of the character of Daredevil is very limited, I only know him from the Netflix series. One aspect of the character I did pick up is he’s the Batman version of Marvel in the sense that Daredevil will not cross the line and will not kill. So it really surprised me when Daredevil in this movie pushed a man onto a train track and let a train literally slice the man in half. I’m no expert in murder laws but I’m pretty sure that’s murder. 

There are a couple other points that I do want to bring up. One is, the movie was better than I expected. I never heard anything good about this movie so I went in with low expectations and it was okay. 

The action sequences I’m very torn on. Sometimes they were pretty good, I enjoyed the fight choreography half the time. Going from X-Men in 2000 to this a couple years later, directors started getting better at fighting choreography. My problem is, the other half of the time, I would start giggling and laughing at what was happening during fight scenes. It was so over the top and campy, I couldn’t help but laugh. This movie is such a fascinating time capsule and I would recommend people watch this movie if you like the MCU because it’s so fascinating. 

31) X-Men

I have some bad news for all X-Men fans, the original X-Men movie did not age well. The action in this movie is bad, the special effects are just as bad. The movie’s story was bland, the humor was terrible and this movie is only saved by Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan. 

Halle Berry as Storm is rough, sometimes she has an African accent, other times she doesn’t. Psyclops normally sucks but James Marsden is even worse. James Marsden and the actress who plays Jean Gray had no chemistry, I did not believe any of that relationship. Not to mention there is a weird age gap between the two actors. Marsden looks like he’s 20 years old and she looks like she is in her mid-30’s. 

Finally, Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine is not good in this movie. He meets Jean Gray one time and is instantly in love with her? Even though she is already in a relationship. It was this weird lover’s triangle where it didn’t make sense for anyone involved. 

32) Thor: The Dark World

I went back and forth trying to decide which movie is worse, Thor 1 or 2. I decided Thor 2 (The Dark World) was a better movie because I like Loki in this movie more. He has much better characterization and the scenes between Thor and Loki are better than anything in Thor 1. But don’t get me wrong, both are below average to bad movies. 

33) Thor

I think this is the most boring MCU movie. It’s an important movie for the character development of Thor. You look at him at the start of this movie and then him by the beginning of the Avengers, it’s staggering. This is where we meet Loki and set him up as a character. But as a movie, it’s boring and the action sequences are flat.

34) Iron Man 3

In the grand scheme of things, Iron Man 3 is one of the most important movies for the MCU. It takes the events of the Avengers and ties that perfectly into the Age of Ultron and thus the movies moving forward. But as a stand-alone movie, I don’t enjoy watching this movie. It’s flat, not fun and the ending with Pepper Pots becoming a martial arts expert makes no sense.

35) X-Men Origins: The Wolverine

I went into this movie expecting it to be bottom 2-3. I thought this was terrible, like a crime against humanity bad. Apparently, it’s not that bad, it’s just kind of bad. There are a lot of questionable movie decisions, like what was the Deadpool thing at the end? What was that? But there were still some fun moments, like the time Logan was on a Motorcycle and he was going up against a Helicopter. That was coolish. 

I also want to give a shoutout to Sabretooth who he was the best part of the entire movie. Also the love interest to Logan, Silver Fox. I thought she did a great job and I felt like there was a real connection and chemistry between her and Hugh Jackman.

36 Spider-Man

This movie is from a different time and I realize that but that does not excuse the movie. In 2020, this is a rough movie to watch. All “high-schoolers” are in their 30’s. I don’t know what to say, this movie is just bad. Toby Maguire is weird and creepy and a terrible Spider-Man. The best part of this movie is J. Jonah Jameson.

37) Suicide Squad

I don’t understand how a movie with Margot Robbie and Will Smith could be this bad. But yo did it DC, you found a way. I don’t even know what to say, it’s just bad. 

The one saving grace for this movie is Margot Robbie and Will Smith. They make this movie, slightly better than Justice League. 

38) Justice League

DC almost did it, they almost made a movie I hated more than the Incredible Hulk. Before I get into why I hate this movie, I want to get into what I do like is Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman. She is consistently great. 

Now it’s time to get into everything I hated. First off, every scene that had the Flash in it. So far I’ve watched over 30 Superhero Movies so I have seen 50+ Superhero characters and the Flash is the worst character in all the movies. I don’t know if it was a bad script or poor acting but every joke and funny moment made me shake my head in disappointment. 

I have other complaints but I don’t even want to keep talking about this stupid movie. 

39 Fantastic Four 2005

It’s so weird seeing Chris Evans in a Superhero movie and he’s not Captain America. Especially a character like Johnny Storm who is basically the complete opposite of Captain America. With that said, Chris Evans is the only good aspect of this movie.

The script is bleh, the actor for Reed Richards and The Thing are bleh, Jessica Alba just doesn’t work as Invisible Woman and she has no chemistry with the Reed Richards character. 

Oh also, the movie completely squanders Dr. Doom. Doom is such a cool villain but instead, he’s Doom for like 5 minutes at the end of the movie. 

40) The Incredible Hulk

There is nothing I can really say other than I hate this movie. It’s just not fun, nothing interesting happens, it felt like the movie was trying to be deeper than it was able to pull off. Edward Norton is fine but I’m so happy he didn’t become a mainstay in the MCU because I don’t think it would have been a good fit. 

41 Superman Returns

Congratulations Superman Returns, you did it. You managed to make the most boring superhero movie. This movie does not respect its viewers, why was this a 2 and a half hour movie? It was too long and nothing happened.  

42 Elektra

I was pleasantly surprised by Daredevil, it was a lot better than I expected. Elektra, on the other hand, was as bad as I feared. This movie feels like a cheap throwaway Superhero movie. It’s crazy to me that this movie came out the same year as Batman Begins. Everything about this movie was bad. 

43 Hulk (2003)

The 2003 Hulk movie is a crime against humanity and I refuse to talk about it. 

One thought on “Updated-Ranking Superhero Movies

  1. About a year ago I did the same thing. I watched a ton of comic book movies and ranked all of them. I didn’t limit myself to 2000 or later, though, so I had 50 movies plus about 10 I felt bad about leaving off.

    Keeping it to the MCU/DCEU/X-Men seems more managable.


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