Matt and I return once again to talk about the news, which is fairly scarce this week. Jason Schreier is leaving Kotaku, and Xbox has an upcoming joint announcement with Sega. What could it all mean?

As for games Matt has been trying out some indie titles while I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum playing a ridiculously high budget AAA title.

For the final segment we rank everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog loving company Sega!

News – 1:07 to 24:58
What We Played – 24:59 to 52:34
Sega – 52:35 to 1:52:08

Specific Game Timestamps
Scourgebringer – 25:17 to 28:03
The Supper – 28:04 to 30:22
The Pedestrian – 30:23 to 34:28
Final Fantasy 7 Remake – 34:29 to 52:33

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