We lead in with hot news like The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, the 2020 EVO Lineup, and numerous industry figures changing roles! We then transition into all the games Matt has been playing. It’s possible I’ll only play FFXIV for the rest of my life.

For part 3 we continue out look back at the current console generation by looking at Namco-Bandai. Get ready for a lot of one sided anime talk!

News – 00:48 to 43:30
What We Played – 43:31 to 1:36:19
Namco Bandai – 1:36:20 to 2:20:44

Specific Game Time Stamps
Wind Waker HD – 43:31 to 51:45
Saint’s Row The Third – 51:46 to 59:19
COD: Advanced Warfare – 59:20 to 1:03:54
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – 1:03:55 to 1:13:25
DmC – 1:13:26 to 1:23:07
Steam World Heist – 1:23:08 to 1:27:27
KH3 REMIND – 1:27:28 to 1:36:19

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