Sony is not going to E3 again, games are getting delayed left and right, and the new Smash DLC character is a total bummer. Despite all that we talk about the games we’ve been playing and then take a look at what Activision Blizzard has done this generation.

News – 00:38 to 41:27
What We Played – 41:28 to 1:12:59
Activision Blizzard – 1:13:00 to 2:18:36

Specific Game Time Stamps
Shenmue 3 – 41:28 to 52:30
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – 52:31 to 54:55
Thief – 54:56 to 1:00:55
Kingdom Hearts 3 – 1:00:56 to 1:07:48
Final Fantasy XIV – 1:07:49 to 1:12:59

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