Motivation to play the Game

Super Metroid is a classic, it’s a Genre defining and considered one of the greatest games of all time so I felt like I had to play this game. It worked out perfectly that it was recently to the Nintendo online so I figured now is a good time to give the game a try.

Why I did not finish the game

I don’t know what it is but this game just didn’t click with me. It’s not a particularly long game (according to “How Long to Beat” it’s 6-7 hours) I never felt satisfied or accomplished after a play session. It’s weird, I would sit down for an hour unlock skills and abilities which would let me go to new areas but I never felt like heading in the right direction.

I always felt like I was meandering around and stumbling upon things and somehow luckily finding the next area. I just feel like there wasn’t any flow to the game. Now I don’t want to seem like for most of my play session I was feeling negative about this game because I wasn’t. I just wasn’t feeling great or good about it. I just felt like it was an okay experience.

Where the game broke for me was in a boss battle, Crocomire. I used all the missiles at my disposal and it seemed to barely put a dent in the boss. Which once I was out of missiles, I couldn’t fight anymore so then I had to stand there and let the game kill me (which is so much fun). So I wasn’t feeling great about the game and then I hit this boss that I couldn’t beat so I just stopped playing the game.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

I put several hours into the game, enough to know how I feel about it.

Try Again Later?

No, I now know what Metroid is about and I don’t know if I can say I’m a fan.

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