Motivation to play the Game

I never played Advance Wars, it’s just one of those series that completely escaped me as a kid. But the last few years (especially when a new Fire Emblem is released) I hear people feeling nostalgic for the old franchise and that nostalgia has been piquing my interest. But I definitely don’t have any interest in whipping out my old Game Boy or Game Boy Advance so this seemed like a great alternative to get an idea of what this franchise is about.

Why I did not finish the game

I am weird when it comes to tactical strategies games, I either really like them or I just completely dislike them. Part of it is, I have to be in the mood and the other part is I am looking for a specific type of strategy and this game did not scratch that itch.

I was hoping for more of an RPG where I could level up characters and make them stronger. That’s not what this game is, I’m not entirely sure how you would fit that into the game but I like Strategy games with RPG elements. I like leveling up my characters and making them stronger.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

A few hours, probably 4-5 in total.

Try Again Later?

No, it’s weird. All along I felt very blah about the game in general and as new games have been coming out and pushing this game back. I kept telling myself I would eventually get back to this game. After several weeks of not playing this game, I have to come to terms and admit that I will not be going back to this game.

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