Imagine if you took the art-style Minecraft, added in the gameplay of a Lego game and merged that with Mega Man. That’s what you kind of get with Riverbond. Aesthetically it’s very blocking, the gameplay is mind-numbingly easy and the game is split into 8 worlds and you can start any of them. You’ve beat the game once you have beat all 8 areas and their corresponding bosses.

Favorite Character

I liked using the Penguin, there is no gameplay reason why. I just like animals and I unlocked the Penguin early on so I stuck with it.


There are different weapon variations, they all played very differently. There were swords, clubs, spears, dual weapons, slap weapons, and guns.


Swords were pretty basic, they just swung horizontally. They were great for attack range and also hitting multiple enemies at once. Different variations of the sword would swing faster or slower. Also, someone would do more damage. I used swords a lot.


I used a club early on in the game but as soon as I unlocked the achievement for killing 20 enemies with a club. I stopped using it. Clubs were too slow, I don’t like slow and methodical weapons in any game.


I liked the speed of using a spear, my issue with it ended up being you could only hit one enemy at once. It was a stab forward so you could be hitting one enemy and getting hit by another on the side.

Dual Weapons

I typically like dual weapons in games but this game, they were not great. They had great speed but you had to get pretty close to the enemies since the dual weapons had a short-range.

Slap Weapons

They were the weird weapon of the game. They played like big swords with hands. I used it enough to get the achievement and moved on quickly. Way too slow.


The worst weapon type in the game, Guns. Guns may be decent with a mouse and keyboard but on a controller, this was the worst controlling Twin-Stick shooter I have ever played. I had zero accuracy, it was not pleasant nor fun to shoot guns in this game.


I guess my issue with the game was how easy it was. It was like brain dead easy, with no punishment for death. It ends up being an easy way to get a lot of achievements but not much else going on with this game.


It took me between 4 and 5 hours to beat all 8 areas. It’s not a long game and I said, in those 5 hours I ended up collecting 880 achievements. If I wanted to, I could easily get all 1,000.

Recap: The Good

Easy Achievements

Recap: The Bad

Too Easy


Recap: The Okay


Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s okay. This ended up feeling very average, it’s nothing special. I can’t recommend this to anyone but if you have Xbox Gamepass and like achievements. I would recommend it for that specific type of person.

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