Motivation to play the Game

I am a Sony Pony and I have to play all their main games. I need to at least give them a try. I went into this game with low expectations, I am not a fan of survival games nor zombies and this game is Zombie Survival Game with a huge open-world.

Why I did not finish the game

I hate Survival games, I think they’re tedious. Inventory management bugs the hell out of me, don’t build a game around scrounging for resources but then have such a small inventory that you can barely pick anything up. That’s not fun, it’s just annoying.

I also had issues with the guns, shooting felt fine but you barely get any bullets. The whole game mechanic is hordes of zombies but you can’t shoot them because you have 3 bullets.

Not to mention, I didn’t like the way driving felt. I don’t like driving Motorcycles in video games. They often feel loosey-goosey and I often feel like I’m always 1 turn away from spinning out.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

I played the game for less than 2 hours, it was okay for an hour but once my inventory filled up. I was done.

Try Again Later?

No probably not. On paper this game is not for me, I just had to give it a try.

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