This week we focus a bunch on the various news stories of TGS, especially all the Death Stranding gameplay. Some other random stuff gets thrown in as well before we move on to the games we have been playing.

Due to not wanting the podcast to be 3 hours long we opted not to do a third part this week.

News – 00:59 to 1:16:47
What We Played – 1:16:48 to 2:24:15

Specific Game Time Stamps
Borderlands 3 – 1:16:48 to 1:40:07
Shenmue 2 – 1:40:08 to 1:49:03
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – 1:49:04 to 2:01:28
Gears 5 – 2:01:29 to 2:14:30
Kind Words – 2:14:31 to 2:21:54
Plague Tale: Innocence – 2:21:55 to 2:24:15

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