• This review contains spoilers.


The game has a very interesting initial premise, you’re playing a young woman in France during the “Dark Ages” or specifically the time of the plague. All of a sudden, the town you live has been attacked by the Inquisition and it seems like they want your brother who you do not have much of a relationship with because he is sick. It seems like your brother is basically quarantined off and it becomes very obvious that the crux of the story is going to be uncovering what’s going on with your brother and finding out why the Inquisition wants your younger brother.

Favorite Character

I liked the young girl, Amicia de Rune. I have no idea the exact age of the protagonist but I would estimate 14-17 years old. She is a fully realized character, there was a moment early in the game and you could see she was taking it a little hard. As the game moves forward and you ultimately kill more people, you can tell she’s not crazy but end justify the means type of thing. Not one the best characters this year but she’s likable.


The core of this game is stealth, it is a Stealthy Adventure game. You get a weapon but that’s primarily used for stealth purposes and never for action.


The stealth is very rudimentary, you’re given rocks and throw the rocks at metal, it makes a sound and the guards will walk over and inspect. This opens a path and now you’re able to walk through.


You’re also given a sling that lets you take out enemies but you are limited in how you can use it. The enemy isn’t wearing a helmet you can throw a rock at their head and take them out. If they are wearing a helmet then you have to throw crafted item that will force the guards to remove the helmet first and then you can hit them in the head with a rock.

There are also enemies that you cannot just simply throw a rock at their head and take them out. So the game introduces other tools that allow you to get creative.


The gameplay truly opens once you unlocked all your abilities and items, and then the game throws 5-6 enemies at you and you have to solve the puzzle of how to get through this area to the next. As you play the game, it really feels less like a stealth game and more of a puzzle game to the point where the final chapter was very difficult but when you completed an area it was very rewarding. This is one of those games where you could watch other peoples playthroughs and it would look completely different.


One major disappointment I have with this game is the final boss encounter. A good final boss is taking everything you have learned, everything you have encountered and throwing it at you in the end. The game does this in a satisfying way at the end of the game right before the final boss. But then they throw that all out the window and the final boss just kind of fizzles out and its not a fun way to end the game. The final boss feels like it’s from a different game. I almost wish the game when in the direction of The Last of Us and just didn’t have a final boss. Not every game has to have a final showdown, there are examples of doing it right but this is a video game and 90% of games have a final boss.

Mission/Level/World Design

The level design is very linear, you’re always moving forward to the next area. Some areas have branching paths, giving you options to take out the enemies but regardless you’re always moving forward.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

The two main characters are both young, extensively kids and the voice actors are right around the same age. Amicia’s voice actress is Charlotte McBurney and she is a 17-year girl from England. Amicia’s brother Hugo was played by Logan Hannan, I’m not sure his age but he looks young. I would guess around 10. Both of them did an amazing job, especially for their age.


Its a shorter game, probably around 9 hours or so.

Recap: The Good




Voice Acting


Recap: The Bad

Final Boss

Recap: The Okay

Music-I barely noticed it.

Recap: Final Thoughts

I liked this game, it’s one of those underrated gems of the year. If you like puzzle games, stealth games or if you’re looking a well-written story this game is certainly worth a look.

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