When Nintendo announced that we adding Super Nintendo games to the Nintendo Switch online service, I was ecstatic. This was an opportunity for me to try Super Metroid, Yoshi’s Island and of course Super Mario World the chance it deserves.

I have to say after 2 hours, the more I play this game, the more I hate it. Every time I would come upon a Boo House, I would just sigh and have to ask myself if I had it in me to play it right now. Most of the time, the answer would be no and I would have to put down the game after 10-20 minutes and come back in a few days.

At best this game is a mediocre platformer with a fantastic soundtrack at worst you’re playing a Boo House or maybe a water level. Either way, I just don’t have it in me to play this game ever again. Now I know, this game is 100% not for me.

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