The award for the game I understand the least goes to ToeJam and Earl. If you watch the video I have on the site, it took me 45+ minutes to understand what this game actually is. Up until that point, it was 45 minute of tepid confusion. I wasn’t understanding and I wasn’t having fun trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Eventually, everything clicked and I started to understand how the presents work and ultimately what my goal was.  

Now in fairness to the game, my goal was to wander through each level and try to find a part for my space ship so I could leave. I found the game to be frustrating for many reasons. One is the lack of attack. You have enemies barreling towards you and you have no options to deal with that. No attack, no block, no dodge just a steady slow walk. Now you do have the option to open up a present which ultimately works out to be a random loot box with something in it. One time the unlock was rocket boots which were unwieldy to control and I went flying off the map several times and ended up having to redo multiple levels. That was so much fun!

I’m sorry but I don’t have anything positive to say about this game. It’s very ’90s and I grew up in the ’90s but that doesn’t make it good. I really did not like this game. 

Recap: The Good

Recap: The Bad

Boring: Walking around is not fun for me.

No Attack: Getting hit and not being to do anything about it was frustrating. 

Loot Boxes: When a core game mechanic is a random loot box, I have a problem with the game. 

Recap: The Okay

’90s theme

Final Thoughts

I hated it. I don’t have a ton to add. Don’t play this game. 

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