When Gears Pop! was announced there was a lot of mocking and snide remarks (and maybe I was apart of it) but eventually, I decided to give this game a try. I like the Gears franchise but I am not a mobile game guy. The last mobile game that I got into was Pokemon Quest and before that was Pokemon Go. So I am far from the mobile game expert.

I have never played clash royale but as far as I understand, this game is just a clash royale clone for better or worse. There are a couple of lanes and you send your characters up one of the lanes to take out the opponent. It’s a bit of an oversimplification but that is essentially what the game is.

I played around 70 matches and the game is okay. I can’t stand the monetization aspect of the game. Loot boxes but they’re timed loot boxes so you have to sit around and wait to open up the next chest. That kind of stuff is not for me, as soon as I have to sit and wait. I’m usually done with a mobile game.

I don’t really have a lot more to say but it’s a competent free to play mobile game.

Recap: The Good

Gears: It has Gears of war characters

Recap: The Bad

Loot Boxes: I’m not a fan of loot boxes in general but once you add timed loot boxes. I’m out.

Competitive Multiplayer: The Game is centered around competitive multiplayer and I’m not competitive anymore.

Recap: The Okay


Final Thoughts

It’s okay, average. I’m not a mobile game guy but I did play almost 70 matches so I gave it a shot and got bored of it after a couple of days.

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