When the first Mario Maker released in 2015, I liked it but it didn’t quite grab me. I appreciated the merits of the game but after a couple of days, I was over it. For whatever reason, this one latched on and I just keep playing it. It has become a fantastic game to sit on the couch, put on a movie or a TV show and play through difficult Mario levels.

The game smartly breaks the levels up into 4 categories, Easy Levels, Normal Levels, Expert Levels, and Super Expert Levels. Easy levels are painfully easy, I played through a few of them and you take 3 steps and the level is beaten. Normal difficulty is okay, it seems like the average is around 25% completion rate which sounds low but it’s not that low. For me personally, 1 or 2 tries and I was getting through the normal levels. Expert seemed to be anything 1%-10% completion rating which usually meant I would be spending 10-20 minutes per level trying to beat it. This is where I have been spending my time with this game. The final category, Super expert is any level below 1% completion rating and those are levels that just frustrated me to no end. I just don’t have it in me to spend hours on the same level.

The single-player element of the game is fairly simple, its 100 levels and although there is a story of rebuilding the castle. It’s all fairly meaningless, the core point of the single-player content is to show off ideas and kind of inspire level creators.

Now with my time with playing hundreds (if not a thousand different levels), I learned what I like are the simple but challenging levels so when I decided to make my own level. I wanted to make levels that I enjoy playing through so the one I made is just difficult platforming with some minor B.S.

If you’re interested in trying my level the code is: F3S-514-3VG

Recap: The Good

Level Variety: There are millions of levels so there are levels for everyone.

Level Creator: Not quite as good as the first level creator but it’s still the most approachable level creator on the market.

Music: I know its a lot of older music and some remixes but they’re excellent songs and melodies.

Recap: The Bad

Online Multiplayer: The lag makes it unplayable, DON’T PLAY!

Recap: The Okay

Single Player Levels: They’re fine, some are fun but most are okay.

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed my time with this game. I really like it, I would recommend this game to any switch owner.

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