Imagine a world where llamas have become sentient and have taken over the world. Good news, you no longer have to imagine this world because this world exists in Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse. Sorry, I know that’s a lame way to start this review/impression post but I had to do it.

Any-who, this is a twin-stick shooter that can be played as a single-player experience or up to 4-player co-op. Once you start the game, you’re instantly thrown into that action. Your goal is to progress through an area with 10 levels to get to the next area of the city. Presumably, you keep doing this over and over again until you eventually beat the game. I say presumably because I played through the first 10 levels with a friend and we feel very “okay” about the game but not good enough to keep playing. Also as a fair warning, if you die, you start at the beginning of the 10 levels so its a got a rogue-likish element to the game.

The game play itself is okay but what I did like about this game, is how they fully go for the Llama joke. Everything is either a Llama pun or at the very least a play on words to the point that their big online retail store is called Llamazon which I always kind of appreciate. I have a feeling this joke will get old rather quickly but it was still making me laugh throughout the first hour so that is at least a somewhat positive note.

Recap: The Good

Humor: Made Me Laugh

Recap: The Bad

Rogue-Like Elements: I’m getting kind of tired of every indie game is a rogue-like.

Recap: The Okay

Shooting: It’s an okay Twin-Stick Shooter

Final Thoughts

Ultimately I will have to give this game my dislike rating. I will typically finish a game that I feel is average and this is a game that I played for an hour and don’t want to play anymore. It’s fine for an hour and that’s not really a glowing endorsement so here we are, disliked.

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