There is something about the Wolfenstein games that I adore. The developer MachineGames does a phenomenal job of striking the perfect balance of b being zany but also covering some heavier topics. When I first heard about Youngblood, I didn’t know how to feel about the game. This series has always been about B.J. Blazkowicz and now it’s going to star his 2 daughters who seem a little cringey in the trailers. But at the same time, I kept looking at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and how Naughty Dog nailed that game without Nathan Drake.

In the end, this game ended up being a massive disappointment for me, I adore the Wolfenstein series and this just didn’t feel like a Wolfenstein game to me. I understand that they wanted to branch out and try some new stuff but the game just didn’t work for me. This game ends up feeling like they took out 80% of the story and cutscenes and replaced them with RPG elements that are just off.
A lot of thought went into this design and this game ultimately feels like MachineGames realizes that the Wolfenstein series is wrapping and they need to figure out what they’re going to do next. So they try some new things and what they tried just doesn’t work for a Wolfenstein game but also just a shooter in general. It seems like they looked at Destiny where you need to switch between different weapons to defeat certain but it just doesn’t quite work. But I have never been the type of person that likes the idea of having to use specific weapons to defeat specific enemies. It just feels tedious.

Ultimately tedious feels like a great word to describe this game, between the leveling up system, the level design and shooting enemies. It all just felt like needlessly harder than it needs to be and I do clarify. I don’t mean hard in terms of difficulty, it requires more thought and effort than what should be necessary. I come to shooters to turn my brain off and to run around and react to what is happening on screen and this game wasn’t great for that.

I just can’t help but be disappointed by this game, I understand that its a side game and its not meant to be a full game and it was priced accordingly but thats doesn’t make it any less disappointing because my issues with this game are not that it feels like a cheaper Wolfenstein, its the changes that MachineGames made it feel like a completely different franchise.

Recap: The Good


Recap: The Bad

Cringey Dialogue

Lack of Story

Weapon Specific Enemies

Level Design

Recap: The Okay

The shooting feels okay,

Final Thoughts

I played this game about 5 hours and just couldn’t play anymore. Its unique and different, because of this I do think there will be people that love this game. I am just not one of those of people.

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