Sometimes all you want to do is play a brain dead, podcast game and one of the best genres for that is the Action Role Playing Game genre or as I like to call them, Diablo clones. I hate to be so reductive when it comes to games because I do think every game can be interesting but it’s very important to note that this game draws its inspirations from Diablo.

Favorite Character

There are four characters in the game, I only played one.

Wood Elf

The game starts off where you can choose between 1 of 4 characters. An Imperial Soldier, High-Elf Mage, Slayer or a Wood-Elf Scout. The game is designed for you to play through the campaign for all 4 characters but that’s just not the way that I play games (unless I’m really into it). I personally chose the Wood-Elf Scout because it had a bow and that’s how I like to play these kinds of games. I like ranged attacks.

I’m not sure if each character has its own back story from the Wood-Elf’s prologue it certainly seemed uniquely designed for her. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t a particularly interesting story set up so, after the first hour of the game, I stopped paying attention to the narrative and just put on podcasts and enjoyed the game that way.


The game is split into 4 acts and each act has its own unique area and biome except for the final area which is just a rehash of the first area again. This ends up being my biggest complaint about this game and its simply rehashing the same areas and maps over and over again. It’s not just the last area is just reusing the first area’s assets, it goes much further than that. The entire game does it, you go to a new area. See that there is a new biome and by the 3rd mission in the act, you have seen everything that act has to offer visually. This is where the whole concept of playing this game 4 times, just seems bizarre to me.


To beat the game, it took me about 12 hours. Which if you wanted to do everything, meaning play through the game with each character you could probably get 50 hours out of this game. I don’t know how much fun that would be but you could do it.

Recap: The Good

Diablo Loot

Good Podcast Game

Recap: The Bad

The Levels Felt like the same over and over.

Recap: The Okay


Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s okay, it’s average. It’s definitely a decent game to sit down and play through.

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