This week we only discuss the hottest news, specifically big Pokemon and Gamer Girl Bath water and then transition into what we’ve been playing (as usual).

For the third segment we’ve really been dropping the ball on picking topics, so Matt put a bunch of topics in a snow man’s head. We will draw from that when we need a topic. For the inaugural Snowman head pick we got Street Fighter IV and we get VERY nostalgic and start to feel VERY old.

News – 00:30 to 1:03:07
What We Played – 1:03:08 to 1:53:52
Street Fighter IV – 1:53:53 to 2:26:15

Specific Game Time Stamps
Shenmue – 1:03:33 to 1:13:30
Judgement – 1:13:31 to 1:30:44
Devil May Cry 5 – 1:30:45 to 1:38:54
Super Mario Maker 2 – 1:38:55 to 1:46:17
Operencia: The Stolen Sun – 1:46:18 to 1:49:07
Dr. Mario World – 1:49:08 to 1:53:52

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