It’s a generic First-Person open-world shooter. I don’t know, there was an apocalypse and your foster mother died and now you need to avenge her. The story is whatever, the gameplay is whatever and the game itself is whatever.



The shooting felt great, that’s the one positive from this game. The problem is, there have been so many good feeling first-person shooters a game needs more than good shooting mechanics. It needs a good level design, fun AI, fun abilities, fun world.


The game has multiple abilities you acquire throughout the game and these abilities should be fun but they’re not. I don’t know exactly what’s holding them back but something felt off about them. Maybe its the cooldown timers, maybe its the abilities are kind of generic super abilities. I’m not sure but these abilities just didn’t wow me in any way.


The driving feels not great. I will admit part of the problem is, I have been playing Forza Horizon 4’s DLC at the same time. Going from one of the best driving best I have ever played to this made it stand out that much more but the driving was not fun. It was just a means to get you to the next location as fast as possible.

Mission/Level/World Design

The open-world is empty and pointless. None of the side stuff is fun, its not fun moving around in the world. Maybe my issue is, I don’t like post-apocalypse desert wastelands. They’re all the same, there is nothing there and nothing interesting.


This isn’t a major issue but it did add to my disappointment. In an interview with Game Informer, a developer said the game would 60 FPS on a console. That had me excited but when the game released, it was 60 FPS on PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X. I’m not going to sit here and say, false advertisement or anything because at the last second that’s when games get optimized. Sometimes to get a game to run even at 30 FPS, things get changed and sometimes things get cut. It’s disappointing none the less.


At least the game is short, I beat it in less than 10 hours. There is still a lot of open that I could experience but I’m not going to.

Recap: The Good

Shooting Felt Good

Recap: The Bad

Empty Open-World


Recap: The Okay


Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s okay, average. I am so disappointed in this game, it is one of the most disappointing games of the generation and it’s my fault. I thought this was going to be my game of the year. Instead, the game ended up being so generic and okay that nothing is separating it from other first-person shooters.

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