Pretty standard Nintendo 2D Platformer (especially in the Yoshi franchise). Over the year, Nintendo has been “kiddifying” the Yoshi franchise to the point where the gameplay is very similar to the Kirby games in the sense that they’re very easy 2D Platformers.


The Yoshi’s (keep in mind the species is called Yoshi and an individual Yoshi is also called a Yoshi so it’s kind of hard to explain) have this sacred monument filled with Gems. They like to honor it and pray around it but one day Baby Bowser and Kamek show up and there is this whole thing and then all the gems end up flying off and are now lost. Now it’s Yoshi’s job to go out into the world and find the gems and bring them back.

Favorite Character

I like Blue Yoshi, there is no difference in the personalities. I just like looking at Blue Yoshi over Green Yoshi.



The core gameplay is platforming. You’re just moving from left to right, sometimes you’re moving up and down in the environment as well but for the most part, you’re just moving from left to right. Occasionally the platforming gets a little tricky but for the most part, its a fairly easy experience.


While you’re moving to the right, sometimes you’ll run into a puzzle that needs to be solved. It’s rarely too challenging but keep in mind, it’s meant to be a children’s game.

Re-Playing Levels

My favorite part of the game was a new game mechanic where you got to replay the levels backward. So you would start from the right and move to the left. What I enjoyed about this mode was, it wasn’t about basic platforming and puzzles. It was about speed and that’s my favorite aspect of platforming games, I like going fast and moving quickly. So this mode was all about getting through the level as fast as you can and trying to find the 3 dogs (or Poochies) in the level.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention enough but I swear that every level had the same Medley/tune and by the end of the game, it was infuriating me. It was peaceful and nice but it was the same thing the entire game. It eventually drove me crazy.


Short Less Than 10 Hours

Recap: The Good

Re-Play Levels-Speed

Recap: The Bad

The Same Song

Recap: The Okay



Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s a very okay game. It’s not offensively bad or anything, it’s just very average. I would recommend picking this game up on sale and then slowly making your way through it. I would say, take your time and let it take over a week.

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