In this episode we chat a lot about the leaks and rumors leading up to E3, while throwing in some spicy announcements people threw out over the past few weeks.

After talking about the games we’ve been playing we take a look back at the past 6 months and see how good 2019 has been for games so far. It’s like a 6 month review.

News – 00:32 to 1:23:50
What We Played – 1:23:51 to 1:47:28
6 Month Review – 1:47:29 to 2:22:21

Specific Game Time Stamps
Mass Effect – 1:23:51 to 1:29:22
Sunset Overdrive – 1:29:23 to 1:34:10
Halo 5 – 1:34:11 to 1:38:34
Dauntless – 1:38:35 to 1:47:28

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