• This review contains spoilers.


Last year, I caught the Monster Hunter bug it hooked me in a way that I didn’t expect. I know this sounds reductive but this game is very much a Monster Hunter free-to-play clone. It has a lot of grind, fair warning.


The game has cut scenes, I can say that.



I only played with one weapon in the game and that was the chain blades. I looked at the others and new that they would be way too slow for me and wouldn’t have fun. When I play games like this, I always go 1 of 2 ways. I either want the fastest weapon in the game, I recognize that it doesn’t do much damage but I want something fast and quick or I want a ranged weapon. Something where I’m completely out of the action. In this game, I didn’t want to play with a ranged weapon, I wanted to get up close and personal. That was fun, a huge reason why I played the game for as long as I did was because the combat felt good.


The game is just bosses. In the hub world, you create a hunt and then loaded into the world either by yourself or with a team of 4. The you run around the small open area until you find Monster. Then you fight it, kill and loot it. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied with the game.


I hated the grind aspect. As with all free-to-play, the game got me hooked. I was into the gameplay and I just kept playing. Then I hit this point where it was obvious I couldn’t continue without spending hours of grinding to get loot so I could defeat these new monsters. That was the moment that I ducked out, I’m not a huge one for grind. I don’t even know why I liked Monster Hunter but that hooked me for the full 70 hours where this game couldn’t keep my attention past 8.


Its free-to-play so its meant to be played forever? I’m not sure, I played about 7-8 hours over the weekend.

Recap: The Good

Combat-It’s well done, it feels good.

Recap: The Bad

Grind-I don’t like free-to-play games

Recap: The Okay

Weapon and Armor Variety-It lacks the variety that Monster Hunter has

Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s alright, I got hooked and then grind began and I stopped. It was a fun hot and heavy weekend though.

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