Motivation to play the Game

This is another video game franchise that I have never played before so it seemed like a great time to sit down and play it. It’s Xbox game pass, Devil May Cry 5 came out earlier in the year. I figured this would give me an idea of whether I would want to pick up Devil May Cry 5.

Why I did not finish the game

This is going to sound stupid but I hated the camera. It would constantly shift around and it would be facing a different direction every time I went into a new room. I don’t know what it is, but this always breaks my brain and bugs me. I hate it and it’s a huge reason why I didn’t like Super Mario Galaxy and Nier: Automata.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

After a couple of hours, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Try Again Later?

No, but I guess I will give Devil May Cry 5 a chance at some point this year.

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