In this fine episode of the podcast we take a look at the hottest news and talk a bit about how maybe the games industry hasn’t been doing great with controversy recently.

After chatting a bit about the games we played these past few weeks we transition into a conversation about the documentary Raising Kratos, which is about the development of the new God of War.

News – 3:01 to 1:22:11
What We Played – 1:22:12 to 1:53:54
Raising Kratos – 1:53:55 to 1:36:48

Specific Game Time Stamps
Mass Effect 3 – 1:22:35 to 1:29:25
Ace Attorney Investigations 2 – 1:29:26 to 1:35:51
Steam World Quest – 1:35:52 to 1:39:25
Darksiders 2 – 1:39:27 to 1:49:17
Cytus Alpha – 1:49:18 to 1:53:54

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