Motivation to play the Game

Bioshock is one of those iconic video game franchises and I had to try this series out. As someone who enjoys playing video games, Bioshock had to be on my bucket list. So I tried and I have to say not for me.

Why I did not finish the game

I’m not a huge fan of shooters where bullet-management is a thing. I don’t find it fun having to count bullets and inventory management. I just find it tedious.

That’s a huge part of the game and then I when would shoot enemies, I thought the shooting felt bad. It didn’t feel good or rewarding. It wasn’t fun to shoot people and it was even less fun to not shoot people.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

I sat down and played for an hour and a half.

Try Again Later?

No, I’m happy I tried it but it’s not for me.

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