For the news this week we cover Borderlands 3, the cool new Persona 5 games, the Xbox SAD and more!

If you’re in it for the video games we hit Mass Effect 3 and Wolfenstien again while adding in Mortal Kombat 11 and SteamWorld Quest.

We round everything off by listing off our five favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

News – 1:17 to 1:17:35
What We Played – 1:17:36 to 1:46:16
MCU Top 5 – 1:46:19 to 2:28:19

Specific Game Time Stamps
Mass Effect 3 – 1:17:47 to 1:19:32
Mortal Kombat 11 – 1:19:33 to 1:38:15
Wolfenstien: The New Order – 1:38:16 to 1:40:07
SteamWorld Quest -1:40:08 to 1:46:18

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