• This review contains spoilers.


An epidemic has taken over the United States, the first game was set in New York City and the second game is based in Washington DC. The nation’s capital is now in disarray and now you run around this large open-world and shoot people.


The story is pretty much on par with other Ubisoft games, it’s not great and very easy to ignore. That’s not the draw of this game.


The strength of Ubisoft games is in the gameplay. If it’s a shooter then it shoots well, if its Assassin’s Creed then the assassinating is fun. Typically the movement is fun as well, its fun to run around the world. This game is right on par, its a well made and tight cover shooter.


The shooting felt amazing, it’s one of the best third-person cover shooters that I have ever played. The controls are tight, you can be accurate with your shots on a controller and what I like, the vibration is tuned just right.

Movement & Cover 

The movement and cover mechanics just feel so natural as opposed to something Gears of War where the characters are a little tankier. Where in this game, it feels perfectly natural to be running in the middle of the street, zip over to a car. Cover behind it, shoot a couple times, vault over the car and just keep moving. It feels natural and flows so well.

Mission/Level/World Design

The game is split up into 2 parts, there is the open world where you’re slowly taking out enemies and also moving along from mission to mission. But when you’re actually in a mission, its usually very linear and the areas are typically condensed and closed off. It’s tight corridors a lot like a Gears of War level.

So you get a good mix of open-world and linear, tight corridors.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

I didn’t pay attention to the non-gameplay aspects of the game. The game is made to be played in co-op but I didn’t because I don’t like playing with others so I just listened to podcasts. It was a great podcast game for me, which I always enjoy. I’m an avid podcast listener so it’s nice having games that allow me to do this.


I know this sounds babyish but I found the game too hard for its own good. I play a lot of shooters and I think this may be one of the most difficult shooters that I have played. Every mission I would hit an area where I would die 5,6,7 times and after 18 hours of dyeing 100 times, I just couldn’t play the game anymore. This game definitely felt like it was made for co-op so I will admit I was playing it wrong. It was just disappointing coming to the realization that this game isn’t for me. Maybe if I had some friends that liked shooters but even then I like playing by myself.


I played the game for 18 hours and if I had to estimate, I would guess there was probably around 12 more before I saw credits so I just had to stop. But 18 hours is definitely enough time to know that a game is not for you.

Recap: The Good




Podcast Game

Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay

The Open World

Voice Acting/Music/Sound Design

Recap: Final Thoughts

This is a really hard game to rank in my system because I liked the gameplay but it just grated on me to the point where I couldn’t play it anymore. Typically my rule of thumb is, if I didn’t enjoy my time to finish the game, then I didn’t like it. I guess I have to give this game Disliked or 2.

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