This week we discuss only the hottest news and then I mostly talked about the games I played, since Matt has been watching a lot of hockey. So if you’re down to hear me monologue about a bunch of weird shit this is the episode for you.

For the second half Matt and I discuss games that we believe defined console generations. Some people may disagree, but that’s fine.

News – 1:16 to 54:53
What We Played – 54:54 to 1:51:04
Generation Defining Games – 1:51:09 to 2:36:03

Specific Game Time Stamps
Mass Effect 2 – 56:55 to 58:40
The Division 2 – 58:41 to 1:00:38
One Piece: World Seeker – 1:00:39 to 1:04:20
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – 1:04:21 to 1:18:57
Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice – 1:18:58 to 1:41:21
Hades – 1:41:22 to 1:51:04

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