• This review contains spoilers.


It’s a First-Person shooter campaign (there is Multiplayer but I didn’t play it). You’re a soldier with a Titan which is essentially just a Mech and you’re goal is to take out the Mercenaries. It’s a bombastic and fun campaign, the story itself is nothing to write home about but the action sequences are top-notch.

Favorite Character

I really liked the Titan BT-7274 or just BT for short. Although in the campaign the sequences where you’re in the Titan are probably the weaker parts of the campaign. But when you’re just talking to BT and getting to know BT, he’s great and he had a couple lines that made me laugh.


The gameplay is split into 3 parts, parts where you’re shooting, parts where you’re moving and parts where you’re in the Titan.


The guns feel good, they’re accurate but also give a good tactile feel with the vibration in the controller. They really nailed the feeling of the guns.


This is why I loved the campaign so much, the mobility you have in this game is phenomenal. Being able to sprint and then double jump and then wall run and it with another double jump feels so good.


The reason I’m not as big of a fan of the sequences when you’re in the Titan is because they’re slower. You don’t move around as quickly, obviously, you do a lot more damage but I’m the type I prefer the faster-paced sequences.


The game has bosses sprinkled throughout the game and most of the time, it’s you fighting another Titan. Often times after you’ve defeated the other Titan you’re rewarded with a new loadout for BT. Which you’re usually having to switch to the newest one to progress through the next area.

Memorable Moments

There are two moments (or acts) that I have to talk about. They’re both just so amazing.

Effect and Cause

This is the mission with the Time Gauntlet. It’s a device that lets you switch between two different time periods. To make your way through the level you have to switch between the present day and the past. In the present, there might be a fire blocking your path but if you switch to the past the fire won’t exist and you’ll be able to walk right through. Where the game takes that to the next level is in the platforming sequences where you’re having to switch between the two periods in mid-air to land on the next platforming. It’s so satisfying and fun to do.

The Fold Weapon

The is the very end of the game when you receive a SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) kit. In the kit, you get a knife and Pistol. The pistol is a Smart Pistol which may be one of my favorite guns in all of video games. It’s so good, its an auto-lock which some people might not like that but the next section is clearly designed for you to go buck wild. Do not stand still, run, jump, double jump, wall-run, and slide. As you’re doing all of this, you’re also blasting dudes and taking them out. That entire section is specifically designed to make you feel like a badass and I love it! Two chef kisses, it’s so good.

Mission/Level/World Design

For the most part the game is very linear. It’s a linear path through to the next area.


5-6 Hour campaign

Recap: The Good



Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay

Playing As The Titan


Recap: Final Thoughts

I loved it. It’s such a tight well made first-person shooter campaign. My only complaint is that I didn’t play it sooner. What was I thinking?

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