• This review contains spoilers.


You run around in an open world with Superhero abilities. It’s mindless and brainless and I had a blast.


There is a story but it can be and should be ignored. Don’t worry about it, skip the cutscenes and just run around and have fun.

Favorite Character

Isaiah Jaxon or should I just say Terry Crews. Terry Crews is great, it makes 0 sense why he’s in the game. Crackdown barely takes advantage of having Terry Crews there, I think Terry probably recorded 20 lines of dialogue one afternoon and called it a day. But at the same time, even a little Terry Crews is better than no Terry Crews so plus to Microsoft for footing that bill.



Shooting is pretty simple in this game, there is a very generous auto lock on mechanic where you can just point the gun towards and enemy, start firing and the game will lock on for you. Some people don’t care for that but the game is designed to be a little frantic and wants you to go crazy, run around, jump, dash just be moving at all times so the shooting needs to be brain dead. I liked the shooting but I’m sure its not for most.

Health Regeneration

One of my favorite aspects of the game is it had push forward combat to heal rather than run and hide health regeneration. So you’re low on health, push forward and go kill enemies. I don’t mind the traditional Gears of War or Call of Duty style of health regeneration where go hide and wait for your health to come back. Obviously, it depends on the game but I like games that encourage you to go balls to the wall.


This is why I liked the game so much and honestly had a great time. I loved running around in this world. It was so much fun so run around and get triple jumps and dash in the air 2-3 times. I never stood still, I never stayed on the ground for very long. I was always in motion and I love great movement in games and this game has some of the best I have seen this generation.


As the game says, “Skills for Kills, Agent. Skills for Kills.” The more enemies you kill, the higher your skills get. It’s such a smart system. Do you like using guns? The more you use them, the higher the Firearm ability gets and the more proficient you become in Firearms. Maybe you like to shoot enemies with the guns and finish them off with a rocky launcher. Now when they die, you’re rewarded with explosive skills and Firearm skills.

In total there are 5 skills to level up and 3 maxed out the character, 1 of them I didn’t care and the last one I tried to max out but was time-consuming.


Machine guns were my primary weapon so I was always leveling up the firearm skill. Eventually, by the end of my first game, I maxed out my firearm skill.


I should have used more explosives in the open world, explosives were absolutely vital in boss battles but unfortunately, my explosive skill was always a little under-leveled. That was until my new game plus, where I primarily focused on explosives and the other skill strength.


My favorite skill in this game, I loved leveling this up because as you leveled up this skill. You gained a double jump and triple jump. Air dashes, plus your character just jumped higher and you would feel faster. Just so good, I didn’t max this ability out. You needed to collect 750 and after getting to around 600ish. I didn’t have it in me to keep going. I can only imagine how great the game feels with maxed agility.


Strength was another one that I should have used a little more. I rarely used melee but there was an attack where you could jump up and punch the ground. This would damage multiple enemies in the vicinity. It was never as good as it could have been until I really focused on it in my 2nd playthrough.


There is a driving skill, I never drove so I didn’t level this up much.


The Bosses in the game reminded me of Ubisoft’s new thing with open-world games. Each open world is split up into several areas and there is a leader of each area. So you just run around and do stuff in the area, fill up a bar and once the bar is filled. You fight the boss of that area. Crackdown is the same general idea, I didn’t mind it too much because it does encourage you to do what you want to do. Ultimately I just kind of did everything (except drive) because for the most part, I enjoyed doing everything.

Mission/Level/World Design

It’s a small open-world, to do everything in the game will likely take 8-10 hours. But what I liked about the open-world is how dense it is. It’s full and you don’t have to go very far to find something. I liked to just look in a direction and go. You will always see something new to do on the horizon.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

Terry Crews is in the game but barely has any dialogue so this game quickly became a podcast/Spotify for me. I would just sit down, put on a podcast and just play. I didn’t listen to the in-game music, or the sound design and I wouldn’t recommend for you to do it either. I always think there is value in a podcast game but I like listening to podcasts so I’ always excited when a game lets me do that. Terry Crews is in the game but barely has any dialogue so this game quickly became a podcast/Spotify for me. I would just sit down, put on a podcast and just play. I didn’t listen to the in-game music, or the sound design and I wouldn’t recommend for you to do it either.


My first playthrough was 7-8 hours. I proceeded to play another new game plus and then started a 3rd new game plus. Altogether, I played for about 18 hours.

Recap: The Good



Agility Orbs

Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay

Story-It’s a bad story but doesn’t in the way.

Recap: Final Thoughts

I unironically liked this game.

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