• This review contains spoilers.


Steam World Dig 2 is a sequel (obviously), it’s a 2D platforming Metroidvania. You’re playing as Dorothy who is a Robot and she is looking for her friend Rusty who was the protagonist in the first game. So you’re exploring new are and discovering secrets in this action-adventure game.


To distill the game down, its a very simple loop. It’s a run-based game where you go as long as you can until your light runs out. Now what you’re doing on each run is, you’re digging (hence where the name comes from). As you’re digging you’re finding loot which is ores and gems and you collect as many as you can on a run. Once you’re filled up or out of light, you head back to town, sell all of your loot and then you’re able to purchase new loot or upgrade current loot. Meaning you can now go even further and get to new areas in the world. It’s a very simple yet addicting gameplay loop.

In the game, you have a lot of tools and items at your disposal and I’ll just breakdown the main ones.


This is how you dig, it starts out as very simple pickaxe but you can upgrade so it digs faster or does damage to enemies in the world. This is your primary tool.


As I talked about before with the loot, the size of your bag is finite. You can upgrade it but it will always be limiting.


I talked about the light before, you carry a lamp with you. The lamp gives you light when you run out you can’t see and need to go back.


Improves defense, you can upgrade it so it reduces fall damage and/or reduces the damage done by enemies.

Water Tank

Eventually, you unlock a water tank, this important because some of the tools below run on water. Think of water as gasoline for cars, you need to run a car. Some of these tools need water to run. One nice thing about the water is, it can be easily refilled. You just have to hop into the water and it will refill. Which of course that’s assuming that there is water around, some areas there is water everywhere, others its as dry as a desert.

Pressure Bomb

They’re bombs, they blow up. You can’t just spam them because 1 they’re dangerous and 2 they consume water. Definitely, need to be smart with the bomb placement. You can upgrade and get different kinds of bombs as well.


Some rocks cannot be smashed through with the pickaxe, that’s where the jackhammer comes into play. It can smash through the thicker blocks but you can’t use it all the time because its another item that consumes water.

Jet Engine

The jet engine just provides you with a temporary flight. This allows you to fly across little gaps between platforms. It does not consume water but the jet engine does overheat rather quickly. Be smart about when and where you’re using this.

Hook Shot

It’s basically a grappling hook, you aim the hook shot, it sinks into the wall or a platform and pulls you towards it.


It’s a map.

Sprint Hydraulics

Final item/ability is the Sprint Hydraulics which is a fancy word for a run/sprint.

Mission/Level/World Design

The game has a Metroidvania style map to it, so its kind of open but also linear. Everything is connected in the world but you can’t get to specific areas in the map until you unlock new items/abilities in the game.


It’s a shorter game, maybe 5-6 hours.

Recap: The Good


The World Design


Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay

Music/Sound Design

Recap: Final Thoughts

I liked Steam World Dig 2. It’s short but doesn’t overstay its welcome, every time I went on a run. I felt like I was accomplishing something and it was all very rewarding. Even though it is a short game, I wouldn’t recommend playing it in 1 day or sitting. Take your time with it, sit down go through a run, collect some ores and then call it a day.

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