Microsoft’s new studio 343’s crack at the Halo franchise. It feels like more Halo to me. You run around and shoot people in first-person as Master Chief.


There is something about the Halo franchise where I don’t know what is going on. Within the last two years, I played through the Original and now this game and I can’t tell you anything that has happened in the story of Halo. It’s so weird, it just goes in and out of my brain so quickly, I have no idea what is happening.

Also, I guess Master Chief and Cortana are in love? Maybe I should be paying attention a little more.



The strength of the Halo series is the gunplay, they’re well-made shooters and they feel good to play. My problem is, there are a lot of shooters that feel good so there needs to be more if this franchise wants to stand out but it just doesn’t. I recognize that the Halo franchise is the first first-person shooter franchise that controlled well on console but I came to the franchise late. I appreciate this franchise but I don’t really care for it. 

Mission/Level/World Design

In the classic Halo formula, its more the same layout. It’s fairly linear with some backtracking here and there.


Approximately 8 hours to complete the campaign.

Recap: The Good


Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay

Level Design


Recap: Final Thoughts

It’s okay, I know this review may come off as a little reductive but this game just feels like more Halo to me. Nothing stood out to me as anything special or unique. I feel the exact same about the Halo now as I did then. It’s okay.

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