Motivation to play the Game

I have been really liking the game dead cells so I wanted to find another rogue-lite that I could play along side Dead Cells. I wanted to find another rogue like with gameplay and maybe one that I could actually beat. That’s where I made a huge mistake, I didn’t realize that this game is actually much harder than dead cells.

Why I did not finish the game

I can’t, I want to. I have done over 50 runs and each run usually takes about 5 minutes because I suck so I haven’t put a ton of time into the game but enough to know that this is a hard game and this is much more like a rogue-like.

In case you are wondering the difference between the two is,

  • Rogue-Like is a game where there is permadeath mechanic. You die once and you’re done. Its a type of where its made for you play hundreds of times and as you play the game more, you just naturally improve.
  • Rogue-Lite is a similar concept but you do earn something in the game that you can use in future runs. So with a Rogue-Lite, you have tangible and you’re working towards and in theory making the game a little easier.

Amount of Time Put Into The Game

I have put about 5 hours into the game.

Try Again Later?

I will probably go back to it at some point but for now I think I need a break from extremely hard games.

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