This is a game that has been on my back log for years, I like history and I think pirates are one the most time periods in human history. For whatever I just never got around to playing and I must say that my opinion is simple. It feels outdated.

The controls and combat feels clunky. When playing an action game, I like having a dedicated dodge roll or at the very least a satisfying dodge. This game just doesn’t have it. Playing this, I couldn’t help but think about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and despite what people have to say about that game. Playing that and then playing this, its blatantly obvious how iterative this series truly is.

As unfair as it is, I just don’t think this game has aged well. The climbing just doesn’t feel as tight as it does in AC Odyssey. In Odyssey you need 1 synchronize point to unlock fast travel. In this, you have to sync 8 points. In 2013 I’m sure it was a great game but in 2019, there are better games to play.

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