This is the first time that I have ever gotten into either a rogue-lite (or like) and it’s hooked me in a way that few games have. I’m so bad at the game but I just can’t stop playing it. It’s so hard and all I want to do is beat the final boss but I can’t. Its just so frustrating.

Game Genre

  • Rogue-Lite


There is no story, barely any dialogue.

Favorite Weapon

I love the Twin Daggers, this is common for me with most games that have 2 smaller swords or daggers. Usually they don’t do as much damage but they’re a fast weapon and thats what I like. I want something that is quick, I never want slow and methodical.


This is the only aspect of the game, the music is okay. The story is non-existent but the gameplay itself is so good. It controls perfectly, you can dodge roll to avoid any attack, you can also cancel out any animation with another move. You have a bow and arrow, you hit the button to fire the bow and while the animation is beginning for the bow arrow you can hit the dodge roll and instantly go into the dodge roll animation.

With having such control over your character in combat, you can not blame the game. You have to blame yourself and trust me, I blame myself a lot.


This is a game thats linear but you can take different paths, regardless of which path you take, you will always encounter 3 bosses. Assuming you make it that far. The bosses are designed very well, they have a certain pattern that you just have to get used to. For me personally, the first boss has gotten very “easy” and now its to the point where I beat it almost 90% of the time.

The second boss is a little bit harder but I am to a point where its 60-70% of the time.

The final boss however, I am at a whopping 0% but every time I face him, I feel like I do a lot better.


The game runs and controls perfectly.

Recap: The Good

The Gameplay/Combat

Recap: The Bad

Its too hard-I can’t git gud.

Recap: The Okay

Non-existent story but its not that big of a deal

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