Darksiders 3 was one of my most anticipated games of last year but then when the game came and I read some reviews, I decided that I would hold off and wait until I could get the game a little cheaper. I’m happy I waited, although I do think the game is a good game, it’s definitely not worth $60.

Game Genre

Third-Person Character Action

Dark Souls Inspired


The core concept of the game is fairly interesting, you play as Fury who is one of the four horsemen. Or at the very least this franchises version of the four horsemen. Fury is the sister of the four and she is definitely the angriest. Although I have not played Darksiders II, she is definitely much angrier than War who was the main protagonist of the first Darksiders.

The interesting concept of the Darksiders franchise is, all the games are occurring simultaneously. So at the beginning of the game, you see War chained up which is what occurred in the first game. In this game, Fury is order by the Charred Council to go fight the 7 deadly sins and that ends up being the entire games premise.

Unfortunately after the intro the story becomes all over the place, hard to follow and ultimately not very interesting.

Favorite Character

There wasn’t a ton of character in this game and none of them really stand out to me.

  • Fury is just angry.
  • There is a watcher, that doesn’t have much of a personality and only shows up occasionally.
  • Vulgrim is just a merchant, not a ton of personality there.
  • Ulthane seems like the most interesting character but he’s barely in the game and his sole purpose is to be the character that upgrades your weapons.


One of the main staples of this franchise is the puzzles. The game was originally inspired by the Legend of Zelda franchise so it has to have puzzles. I think there is a good amount of puzzles in the game and they were often times a perfect level of difficulty as well. Often times I would be stumped initially but eventually I was able to figure out the solution.


The biggest change this franchise is the combat, its just a different feeling game now. The first game is a very hack and slashy, you take on hordes of enemies and take them out with relative ease. In Darksiders III, its very evident that the developers wanted to switch it up and try something new.

What they ended up doing is making a combat system that is clearly inspired by the Dark Souls franchise. What I mean by that isn’t the standard Dark Souls comparison of, it’s a hard game and therefor like Dark Souls. The system is not built for large groups but rather small groups of enemies or in an ideal scenario, one vs one.

The other it’s Dark Souls comparison is, there are literal souls in the game and it’s how you level up. You fight enemies, get souls from the enemies you kill and then when you get to the market (Vulgrim) you invest your souls into attribute points. Then spend attribute points to upgrade your character. When you die, you lose the souls you have on hand and just like in Dark Souls you have to go to the area you died and reclaim your souls.


Main absolute favorite aspect of this game is the boss battles. This is a 15 hour game with 8 boss battles and they all feel unique. That is good game design. The combat was clearly built with boss battles in mind its executed flawlessly. Almost every single boss battle was the experience, fight the boss. Lose the first time but learn the patterns and then the second try I would beat them. I only got stuck on 2 bosses, 1 of them was because it was a bad boss battle. The other one was the final which was just difficult and I had to bang my head against that wall for about an hour.

In case anyone is wondering, the boss battle I hated was Gluttony. Its a 2 phase battle and I enjoy either phase. The first phase has an AOE (Area of effect) attack that you just have to stand in a specific location to avoid (that’s never fun) and then the second phase just turned into a gimmick boss battle where you had to have the boss swallow an explosive. Once again, those kind of battles are never fun.

Mission/Level Design

I enjoy a well designed, linear game and that’s exactly what this is. It feels a little bit like an open world game but it ends up being a lot of linear that just kind of connect.

Interesting enough there is no map in the game, the only sense of direction is a bar at the top of the screen that shows the path to the next boss battle. There is something refreshing about playing a game and not having a large map with a bunch of items on it. Even though there is a bar that directs you, a lot of times I didn’t even pay attention to it. I just walked around and explored and stumbled onto the next area naturally. The only time I ever used the bar was when I got lost and didn’t quite know what to do next.

Voice Acting

Cissy Jones was the voice actress for Fury and she did a great job considering she didn’t have a great script to work with. Cissy is probably best known for her work in Firewatch and in which she played Delilah.


Now to the truly awful part of the game, this is a broken mess. I was playing on Xbox One S and it crashed 8 or 9 times. Which is a problem in a 15 hour game, this is one of the most broken games that I have ever played.

The other issue with the game is framerate, when there were multiple enemies on the screen, the game had a time keeping up with the frame rate.

Recap: The Good

  • Puzzles
  • Combat
  • Bosses
  • Level Design
  • Voice Acting

Recap: The Bad

  • Story
  • Mechanical Issues

Recap: The Okay

  • Main Character

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