The best and worst thing I can say about Gears of War 4 is, its more Gears of War. It plays very similarly the previous 4 games. It’s a little disappointing in that sense since you always want games to be innovative but in this case I feel the need to give the developers (Coalition) a pass since this is their first new Gears of War game. So their top priority was proving to fans that they can make a Gears of War game as good as Epic and in that sense they executed flawlessly.

Game Genre

  • Third-Person Cover Shooter


One issue people seem to have is, the series is no longer about Marcus, Dom, Baird or Augustus. It’s now about the next generation, JD (Marcus’ son), Kait and Del. The fourth member of the team is a spoiler so I won’t go into who that is.

The entire games premise is Kait’s mother was taken by the enemy and the teams goal is to get her back. So even though the protagonist is JD, the main story ended up being about a side character.

Favorite Character

I don’t really know who my favorite character is, none of the 3 really stood out to me.

  • JD (James Dominic Fenix)-He reminds me a lot of Nathan Drake but specifically Uncharted 1 Nathan Drake. Few jokes here and there but for the most part a character that is not developed.
  • Kait Diaz- She seems like the most self-serious which in fairness to her a very serious thing has happened to her but even before that she was too serious. It’s my main issue with Lara Croft from the rebooted Tomb Raider series. Lighten up a little bit.
  • Del Walker-He’s best friends with JD and that’s all there is to say about Del. Occasionally he and JD have a few quips but for the most part he’s a very bland character.




Gears of War is not the creator of cover based shooters but it is the poster child.


There are bosses but I have never liked the boss battles in the Gears of War franchise. Since a majority of the enemies are already bullet sponges, the boss battles where the enemy has more health doesn’t really improve the game. Then there are the bosses where there is a specific gimmick and my biggest issue with previous entries is the game never did a good job of letting you know what the gimmick actually was. I can’t take tell you how many boss battles I went and started shooting the enemy and I don’t know if I’m correctly widdling the health down on this boss. Its just trial and error and eventually figure it out. The other issue is, once you figure out the gimmick of what you need to do, it’s typically not fun executing it.

This game does a good job of making it clear what you need to do but the issue is, its typically just not that much fun. Because often times the boss has a ton of health so its time consuming of just dumping a lot of bullets into the boss. But its not just that, you also have to shoot specifics area of the boss which is also not a lot of fun because what happens is you’re standing around waiting for the boss to open up, fire into the specific area. then go back to waiting. Keep doing this for 5 minutes and eventually you’re done.

Mission/Level Design

The games gameplay loop is very indicative of previous Gears of War games. Cut scene, then back to gameplay where you walk into an area. Combat arena and then once all the enemies have been killed you hear a sound that sounds like a gong. This lets you know that you have killed all enemies and now it’s time to move onto the next area. The entire game is killing enemies and cutscenes. So if you like the shooting in this game then you’re going to consider it a good game, if you’re not into the shooting then you’re not going to like it.


No issues, it ran perfectly.

Recap: The Good

Cover Mechanics


Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay



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