GameTwitter ReviewFinished
Remnant: From the AshesI’ve been tentaitive with this game but enjoying it so far. Currently Playing
Blair WitchIt feels like an okay horror game. Currently Playing
WreckfestDemolition Derby Game and it’s great. Wish I played it sooner. Currently Playing
My Friend Pedro2D Shoot Em Up. Fun game with great music. Yes
Need for Speed: HeatPlayed through EA Access. I liked it, look forward to playing it more. Currently Playing
ForagerStardew Valley clone and I’m hooked.
SparkliteIt’s alright.
Concrete GenieIt’s an artistic game where you’re repainting the town. Neat concept but not for me.
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderIt’s Star Wars (which I’m not a huge fan) meets Uncharted(I love Uncharted though). Yes
Pokemon SwordIt’s Pokemon, of course I’m liking it. Yes
After PartyI Liked it. It’s a fun story with excellent voice acting. Yes
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareLikedYes
Luigi’s Mansion 3Disappointed
Puyo Puyo ChampionsDisliked
Stick FightLiked
Ultimate Chicken HorseLiked
Ultimate MuscleLiked
Crash Team RacingOkay
Tomagotchi Party OnOkay
The Outer WorldsDisliked
Ring Fit AdventureLikedCurrently Playing
Borderlands 3Disliked
Yooka Laylee and the Impossible LairLiked But DisappointedYes
Super MetroidDisliked
Ghost Recon: BreakpointLikedYes
Ape OutHated
What Remains of Edith FinchLikedYes
Bomb ChickenDisliked
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s AwakeningLovedYes
Metro ExodusDisliked
Zelda 2Disliked
Creature in the WellHated
Days GoneDisliked
Super Mario WorldDisliked
Gears 5LikedYes
A Plague TaleLikedYes
Gears PopOkay
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the GroveHated
Assassin’s Creed OriginsLikedYes
Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightLikedYes
Battle ChasersOkay
Vicious Attack Llama ApocalypseDisliked
39 Days to MarsLikedYes
Slay the SpireOkay
Enter the GungeonDisliked
Hollow KnightDisliked
Wolfenstein: Young BloodDisliked
Super Mario Maker 2LikedYes
Shenmue 2OkayYes
Warhammer: ChaosbaneOkayYes
Donkey Kong CountryLovedYes
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3LikedYes
Uncharted: Drakes FortuneLovedYes
Blazing ChromeHated
Gears of War: Ulimtate EditionLikedYes
Mortal Kombat 11LikedYes
Devil May Cry 5LikedYes
The Lego Movie 2OkayYes
Rage 2OkayYes
Operencia: The Stolen SunOkay
Cadence of HyruleLikedYes
Outer WildsHated
Void BastardsDisliked
Fallout 76Okay
Trials RisingOkay
Yoshi’s Crafted WorldOkayYes
Just Cause 3Disliked
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodLikedYes
Halo 5LikedYes
Sunset OverdriveLovedYes
Devil May Cry 4Disliked
Steam World QuestLikedYes
Darksiders II Disliked
For the KingDisliked
Mass Effect 3LovedYes
Wolfenstein: The New OrderLikedYes
Mass Effect 2LovedYes
The Division 2Disliked
Fortnite Battle RoyaleOkay
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainHated
Titanfall 2LovedYes
Final Fantasy XVDisliked
Far Cry: New DawnLikedYes
Mass EffectLovedYes
Crackdown 3LikedYes
Steam World Dig 2LikedYes
Pillars of EternityDisliked
Ori and the Blind ForestLovedYes
Halo 4OkayYes
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagDisliked
Wizard of LegendDisliked
Dead CellsLovedYes
Darksiders IIILikedYes
Unravel TwoOkayYes
Gears of War 4LovedYes