I went into this game not fully knowing to expect. I knew it was a story driven game and I knew it had beautiful visuals but that’s it. I guess I should have also figured that the game is about a fire lookout team but here we are.

Game Genre

Adventure Game


This is a fairly short game, somewhere around 3-4 hours. It’s a story-driven adventure game where it’s story is primarily told through conversations between the protagonist Henry and a coworker named Delilah. The interactions between these 2 come off as very genuine and real. Sometimes that can be very difficult for video games and media in general. Making conversations feel real is a very underrated talent that people take for granted and the most impressive part of this game is how well they pull it off.

With that being said, I did not like the intro of the game. It’s all text based that sets up Henry’s back story and it’s something that it’s something that just doesn’t fit with the rest of the game. I hate playing arm chair game developer but what I would have preferred is instead of the intro the way it is, take that out and incorporate those story beats into the main game. So instead of a massive info dump at the beginning of the game, discovering Henry’s past naturally through conversations with Delilah would have hit a lot harder and would have been a much more interesting story.

Favorite Character

There are really only 2 characters in the game, there is the protagonist which is Henry and Delilah. They’re both great, I guess I liked Delilah just because she had this fun, kind of flirty, kind of sarcastic personality.


It’s an open world, walking simulator and I don’t mean that as a bad thing. It’s very linear, at any given time there is only 1 objective. Often times its just go from point A to Point B, accomplish whatever basic task and then head back to your camp.

Voice Acting

It’s excellent, Henry was played by Rich Sommer who is a professional actor that is probably best known for his work in the TV show Mad Men.

Delilah is played by Cissy Jones who I have not heard of before when I looked her up, I was shocked at how many games she has been in. It seems like she has worked on a lot of games but in a lesser role and this game in particular was one of her first major roles and she did an amazing job. I hope to see her in more things.


The game has been out a couple of years and this a was played on a PlayStation 4 pro. This is not game breaking but the game did not run completely smooth, it did have some frame rate issues where it would just chug for some reason. It’s not unplayable but it does feel poorly optimized at some points.

Recap: The Good

Character Interactions

The Story


Voice Acting

Recap: The Bad

The Beginning

Frame Rate Issues

Recap: The Okay

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