This is a game that I am personally torn on. I enjoyed the story but it was very predictable. I can’t help but compare this season to the first season of Batman and the biggest difference between season 1 and season 2 is season 1 was built around the question of how brutal are you willing to be as Batman. You had some choice in what kind of a Batman you wanted to be and I liked that personally, at the end of the game it told you how brutal or how merciful you were. If I remember correctly I was somewhere in mid 90’s of being a merciful Batman. Enough about season 1, season 2 (The Enemy Within) is all about maintaining relationships which on its surface sounds interesting but everything ended up being boiled down to make a decision and one person will be happy by it and another person will be unhappy with it. Most decisions end up feeling black and white.

Game Genre



The strength of the game is the story, as I mentioned before it is a little predictable and I was kind of wishing they would have gone a little bolder, take some risks like they did with season 1. It is a fun Batman story but comparing it to season 1, its a weaker Batman story.

Favorite Character

The best part of these Telltale Batman games is, they’re more focused on Bruce Wayne than they are Batman and I like that. Bruce Wayne himself is an interesting character that is rarely explored because it’s less exciting. Look at the Arkham games, those are 100% Batman games where this game is probably 60% Bruce Wayne which I am a very big fan of.


Yes, Telltale goes back to their roots a little bit and this game does have some interesting puzzles. The downside is, most of the puzzles are in the first couple of episodes and then after that, the game has a major tonal shift.


If you’ve never played a Telltale game its a pretty simple formula. It’s like sitting down and playing an interactive movie. Most conversations you can chose what the character will say next.

Sometimes you get to chose what the character is going to do next. 2 situations arise in the city, obviously you can only take care of one. You chose what fire you will be putting out so to speak.

The final major game mechanic of the game is the combat itself. It’s serviceable but not very exciting. It’s done through button prompts and quick time events. It looks cinematic but it’s not the most exciting to do yourself.


Kind of sorta. There are kind of bosses but a game like this isn’t built for bosses. It’s more about the story. Narratively there are some major figures but there are traditional boss battles.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

Another major strength of this game is the voice acting. For a game like this to work, the voice acting has to be great and it is. I have no complaints and all of the voice actors did a phenomenal job.

Recap: The Good


Bruce Wayne

Voice Acting

I didn’t mention this anywhere in the review but there are no mechanical issues. I think that’s a first for Telltale. The game ran flawlessly. I was shocked, no frame rate issues. It didn’t crash.

Recap: The Bad

Nothing comes to mind.

Recap: The Okay

The Story (good, not great)


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