Game Genre

  • Third Person
  • Action-Adventure
  • Open World


One of the strongest aspects of this game is the story. The Developers Insomniac set out to not only write a well-written video game story, but it’s also quite apparent that their goal was to write a well written Spider-Man and Peter Parker story.  It’s an interesting as you have Spider-Man at his peak, he is hitting on all cylinders but then you have Peter Parker where every aspect of his life is falling apart.

Favorite Character

It’s a Spider-Man game so its hard not to pick Spider-Man. I love his little quips and his jokes, there is just something so charming about Spider-Man.


This is hands down the worst aspect of the game, there are two types of “puzzles” and they’re both terrible. Luckily there is a setting in the game options that you can skip all puzzles. That way when you’re narratively forced to engage with one of the “puzzles”  you can hit the “R1” button and the game instantly solves them.


There are two major aspects to the gameplay. The traversal through the world (web swinging) and the combat.

The swinging is extremely satisfying and just works flawlessly. The way you seamlessly swing through the city and then hit a building and instead of losing momentum, you just switch gears and start running the building. Some of the buildings will have fire escapes on the outside and that’s doesn’t slow you down either. You just start hopping along the fire escapes.  A lot of thought went into the mobility of the game and it shows.

The other major aspect is, as I said the combat which is reminiscent of Arkham franchise but it is different enough. One of the key differences is, in Arkham you’re much more grounded where in this game, you definitely want to focus on more aerial combos. It’s not difficult to do so but its very important to pop an enemy up in the air and try to knock them out in the air.


There were a grand total of 7 Boss battles in the game and they were all for the most part well done. There is one boss that you end up fighting twice, the first you fight him, it’s not much more than a quick time event boss battle. Although the second time you fight the boss, it is much better and I think it may be my favorite boss in the game. Looking back, all of the boss battles did feel different and that’s what you really want in a video game.

Mission/Level Design

There are 3 keys that I want to touch upon in this section. The main story missions, the Miles/MJ missions, and the side missions.

  • Main Missions: These were all fantastic with the exception of a few that I will touch upon in the next part. The main story of the game is maybe 20 hours and Insomniac did a fantastic job with the Main Story missions, it doesn’t feel like you’re rehashing the same missions over and over again.
  • The Miles Morales/MJ, however, are just awful. They are forced stealth and they’re bad stealth in my opinion. What I define as bad stealth is stealth that if you’re ever caught, you lose instantly. Missions that are structured this way just lead to frustration and never fun. Luckily, these missions are not too common and there is maybe 6 of them, which equates to about 45 minutes to an hour.
  • The third type is side missions and there is an inconsistency with them. Some are good but most are okay. My recommendation is mess around with a handful of them and then focus on the main story.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

The sound design of the game is nearly perfect. I didn’t have any issue with the voice acting and the music felt like a Marvel movie. It’s exactly what I wanted.

Recap: The Good

Main Story




Voice Acting

Recap: The Bad

MJ/Miles Morales Missions


Recap: The Okay

Side Missions

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