4 Stars

Motivations to Play It

This is a very good friend’s favorite of all time so I wanted to play it and see why its such a big deal to him.


One major pro to these turn-based RPG’s if they’re made well, they will always feel like timeless classics. The reason why is, there is only so much you can do with turn-based combat so its hard for it to feel too outdated.

Game Genre




There is a story but with these older games, I have a hard time getting into the stories. It’s all text based and not cinematic (because gaming wasn’t there yet), I just can’t get into the story at all. I have no idea what happened in the story if I am going, to be honest.

Favorite Character

I liked Frog the best. The way he hopped around when you’re moving and then was very useful in combat. Big fan of Frog.


My biggest issue with these older games, the puzzles are not clever. They’re just convoluted and don’t make sense. There is not a lot of progression logic, its just kind of stumble onto the next area by complete accident. I am lucky that I was playing with my friend Manny who has played the game probably 100 times so he just knows what to do next. Otherwise, I would have been lost the entire game.


This is the strength of the game, it’s combat system is simple but extremely effective. As I said before, it’s timeless.


Another major strength of the game is the boss battles. It’s the same turn-based combat but you have to approach each boss battle a little differently.

Mission/Level Design

The dungeons are very unique for its time. This is the first (or one of the first) JRPG’s that does not have random encounters. Every dungeon and area is meticulously crafted to have the best experience possible.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

The final strength to the game is the music. The one thing about this time period for video games is the music was always front and center. Its music that you’re supposed to notice and when you’re at school or work, you should be humming or whistling to the tunes.

Recap: The Good


Level Design



Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay


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