Game Genre

  • Third-Person Shooter
  • Action Adventure


The strength of this game is not in the story. There is an attempt but it’s just not there. Unfortunately, with this trilogy with each iteration, the story gets a little worse. At best, the story is forgettable and at its worst, it doesn’t make sense.

Favorite Character

This is entire trilogy may be about Lara Croft but the best character continues to be Johah. The problem with Lara in this trilogy is, she is so focused on her goals that she can come off as self-centered. Now if you played the games you know she is much more complicated than that. She is just very focused on the big picture. Jonah is the opposite of that, he’s looking out for the little guy, he’s very friendly and ultimately very likable.


The best part about this game is the puzzles. There are 9 main story puzzles that you have to complete but then there are also 8 additional challenge tombs. I didn’t pay attention too much to the main story puzzles but I do know each challenge tomb took me about a half hour to complete so they were a good mental challenge. It should also be noted that I am not the brightest person so depending on the person the time will vary.


The gameplay continues to somewhat solid but if I am comparing this game to Rise of the Tomb Raider, I would say that the gameplay is less polished.

The bow still feels great, the gunplay does not feel great though. Use the bow for 95% of the game, don’t use the guns.

The stealth is very good in this game, its good stealth where if you get caught it’s not game over. As a matter of fact, the Stealth is very forgiving where if you’re caught it’s not hard to get back into stealth mode. Some people may look at this as a negative but for me personally, I think easier stealth is always better.

The other major aspect is the climbing and traversal and this is the part that feels the least polished to me. I died so many times, just climbing traversing around. It’s not a case where I died because the platforming was particularly difficult, it was more because inputs wouldn’t be read or she would jump the wrong way. Little B.S. things that make you say, “well that was fair.” It always became much more exasperated in the games major set pieces. First off, there were far too many of them and secondly, I would die far too often.  The best part of set pieces is if it works then its cinematic gold but when you keep dying and seeing the same thing over and over again. It ruins the moment and I died multiple times in every set piece so I would have to sit there and experience each set piece a minimum of 3 times each.


Pretty forgettable bosses, I do remember early on you end up fighting Jaguars which is fun but then I don’t remember any bosses until the final boss. The final boss is okay and that’s how I would describe this entire game. It’s okay.

Mission/Level Design

One thing I have always liked about this franchise is, it strikes the perfect balance between open world and linear. As you progress through the story, you unlock little open world areas that are all connected but it never feels overwhelming. I just remember last year playing Assassins Creed: Origins and saying “this is too much”.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

Lara’s and Jonah’s voice is excellent. After that, it does start to get questionable.

The music itself is definitely tailored to more ambient sounds where there is music but it’s not noticeable or distracting.

Recap: The Good

Bow and Arrow


Level Design


Recap: The Bad

Climbing/Platforming feels unpolished

Gun Play


Recap: The Okay



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