Game Genre

  • Third Person
  • Action Adventure
  • Open World


The strength of all Yakuza games is the story and this game’s story takes it to another level. Kiwami’s story was good but not really live up to Yakuza 0’s story. Really thinking about it, Yakuza 0’s story is probably better just because with 0 throughout the entire game I was engaged. The quote on quote “problem” with Kiwami 2 is the has a lot of lulls in the middle and it started to lose towards the middle-end of the game. Towards the end, the story does start to pick up but then during the final chapter, the train is off the rails. What happens is just batshit crazy and I loved every second of it.

Favorite Character

Majima continues to be the best part of the Yakuza series. He’s not in a ton of scenes but every time he makes an appearance, his performance just steals the show.  He is a special character and is one of my favorite characters in all of video games.


One thing that the Yakuza franchise lacks is puzzles.


The gameplay is very basic. Its a very small but condensed open world and the combat is a very simple beat em’ up. The combat is one of the weaker parts of the game but the nice thing is, each game is loaded with mini-games. These mini-games range from arcade games to bowling, to baseball to running cabaret club. There are a ton of options for keeping yourself busy.


This is a crux of the Yakuza formula. Bosses there are a number of bosses in the Yakuza franchise and in each game, you will typically go back and fight the same one a number of times. Each time you fight them, they get a little stronger. The boss battles are funish, they at least shake up the game’s formula a little bit.

Mission/Level Design

Every chapter is pretty much set up the same way, start at Point A and then go to point B which takes under a minute to get there. Talk to some people or fight some people (sometimes both), then move to point C, D, just keep going until you reach the chapters final boss.

Music/Sound Design/Voice Acting

I don’t remember much about the music so it’s not too noticeable. There is voice acting but its all in Japanese, it seems like the voice actors are good but I don’t Japanese so it’s hard for me to say.

Recap: The Good



Mini-Game Variety

Recap: The Bad


Recap: The Okay




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