What is the genre and subgenre of the game?

It’s a third-person Action-Adventure Shooter

What did I think of the story?

The story is complicated because its kind of two very different story arcs that are kind of pieced together by an overarching story. In case you’re not familiar with this game, there is a gimmick with this game, it’s not only a game but there is a mini TV series that goes along with the game. So the game is bouncing around from standard video game cutscenes, gameplay, and episodes from the TV show.

The weird this is, the TV show and the game have two very different stories with not a lot of overlap. The main character in the game is Jack Joyce who is played by actor Shawn Ashmore but he barely shows up in the show. Some characters are only in the show and then there are a few that do show up in both. The main connector between the two is the main villain Paul Serene who is played by Aiden Gillen.

It’s a very strange concept that did a great job making me care about certain characters in the show but didn’t accomplish the same thing with the game.

Favorite Character?

My favorite character is a guy who did not show up in the game much at all and was primarily in the TV show and that’s Liam Burke. His story arc is a pretty common story arc where he is a guy that was in the military, came home and couldn’t find work so he turned to the games evil corporation and worked for them doing some not so legal things. What makes his story so compelling is they do a decent job grounding him by him a backstory. He has a wife and his wife is pregnant so his motivations are driven by his family. He’s just an easy character to cheer for.

Are there puzzles and How are they?

I’m trying to think and no, there really weren’t any puzzles.

What is the gameplay like and how does it feel?

This is where the game itself is at its peak. The gameplay and combat are very solid. Its a third-person cover shooter but your character has some abilities that make the game fun. First off, although it is a cover shooter you need to keep moving so you’re goal is to move from cover to cover.

The first ability you learn, I can’t remember the name of it but you throw out a time sphere type thing. Basically, time stops for anyone or anything in that time sphere so you should that at an enemy. They’re frozen in time, then you shoot bullets at the enemy. When the bullets hit the time sphere, they stop in place and then after a few seconds when the time sphere dissipates the bullets instantly hit them and they’re dead.

The second ability you learn is a quick dash, I didn’t use it too much because a little later on you learn a better ability.

The third ability is like a shield. Basically, you hit a button and then you have a protective shield completely surrounding you so it blocks all bullets. It’s very useful when you need to heal up.

The fourth ability is a run dash. This you hold a button and as you’re running time stops moving. So you’re able to move from one area to another with little consequence.

Between these 4 (really 3) abilities, it made the game a lot of fun. Once you develop a rhythm with the abilities and their cool downs, the game becomes a very fun combat arena.

What is my favorite moment or sequence from the game?

Nothing really comes to mind, it’s a fun game but there aren’t really any memorable set pieces.

How are the missions/levels designed?

The missions and levels are very linear. It reminds me of Uncharted where you start in an area you platform from area to area and occasionally there is a gun fight.

How is the sound design and music?

The voice acting is top notch, its very well done but they use a lot of recognizable actors.

The music itself, I didn’t notice it at all.

Recap: The Good

The Combat

Recap: The Bad

Too short, only about 10 hours.

Recap: The Okay

The Music

The Story

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