What is the genre?

Its less of a game and more of Physics-Engine.

Are there any similar games or is it a sequel?

It’s like Garys Mod or something along those lines. Its a not in its self but its a Physics Engine that allows the users to play any game that they want.

How is the gameplay?

As I said before, it gives options to allow users or players to play any game. Specifically any card, board or tabletop game. Tabletop Simulator comes with a few basic games but where the application truly excels is in the  Steam Workshop where there are thousands of games. It’s a great way to try new games before spending $70-80.

How is the offline and online?

It includes both, I have yet to play online with other people but I have played locally and it works very well.

Is there any single player?

Of course, you can. You can download Mods that have single player. You can also create your own games. The nice thing is, its a great way to playtest a new game that you’re working on.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely, I keep trying to get my friends to get the game. We used to get together and play Tabletop games every Sunday but then one of my closest friends moved away. Now obviously don’t get together to play tabletop games, I keep telling them that this is a fantastic alternative.

Recap: The Good

The possibilities with this are endless.

The perfect way to create a new Tabletop Game

Recap: The Bad

It’s not much of a game

Recap: The Okay


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